Who saw that one coming?

Brock Lesnar looked completely helpless at UFC 121. This was supposed to be the indestructible man. He was something special, he was the biggest thing in the MMA world ever since his arrival in 2008. The only thing that had gotten in his way up to this point was a life threatening disease that sidelined him for nearly a year.

Then he came back and looked better than ever when he took an early beating from Shane Carwin, but came back and got the submission on him in the second round at UFC 116.

So how did Cain Velasquez manage to put the wrecking ball to Brock Lesnar in such dominating fashion at UFC 121? He did it by using the very things that makes Brock the freakish athlete that he is. He used speed, power, agility and smarts. Everything that Brock has, Velasquez has and he displayed that in grand fashion on Oct. 23, 2010.

Lesnar went for it early. He came out and tried to attack Velasquez, he wanted to take him down and pound on him and then lock him up in a submission much the same way he did to Carwin in the second round of that fight. But a funny thing happened when Brock went charging at Cain as soon as the bell rang…Cain got away.

Brock has made his living in UFC from being so much faster then everyone that he faces. So, it had to be something of a shock when Cain sidestepped the takedown attempt and then began to go on the offensive.

But unlike Carwin, Cain had the stamina and the smarts to know not to throw everything at Brock with one punch. Instead, Cain kept Brock down on the ground and was very methodical and searching for an opening to attack.

Cain attacked and attacked and attacked until the referee had no choice but to stop the fight and award the fight and the heavyweight championship to Velasquez. The best thing that can be said about this is that Cain most definitely won this fight. Often times when the “underdog” wins the fight it is because of a lucky punch or someone just getting caught in a freak predicament in the fight. With this fight, Cain was BY FAR the better man in the Octagon tonight.

Cain was quicker, stronger, faster, everything was better than Brock on this night. It was really amazing to watch it. In the introductions, Cain got a solid reaction but nothing special, Brock was treated like a star he got loudly cheered and loudly booed from the crowd in attendance. Then, when Cain was pounding Brock on the ground and the referee called it the building absolutely exploded.

Going in Cain was seen as someone who could give Brock a fight because he was such a good mat technician and was very quick. He could compete with Brock in a fight and that would give him a chance. Cain took that chance and he busted right through it with lefts and rights and takedowns completely overmatching Brock Lesnar.

Make no mistake about it, Cain Velasquez was the better man and Brock Lesnar was completely outclassed and overwhelmed at UFC 121.