To all who said Cain Velasquez couldn't do it, allow me to quote the great Muhammad Ali:

"Eat your words!"

Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's time we talk about what's going to happen next in the UFC heavyweight division.

The new champion Cain Velasquez, who terminated the reign of Brock Lesnar with a minute and 20 seconds left in the first round, will face the possessor of the most dangerous set of hands in the UFC's heavyweight division that we all know as Junior Dos Santos.

We don't know when or where it'll happen, but we all know it'll happen.

On paper, you'd think both of these guys are even, right?

I mean, both guys are gamers, both guys bring it every time they fight, both guys love to stand and bang, and of course, both of them are hungry prospects.

All well and good until you realize that Cain has some good wrestling and Junior is a tough SOB to take down.

Also, if you look at the striking game, Cain is well versed in kickboxing while Junior is one of the most solid punchers in the UFC right now.

Don't get me started on Junior's BJJ brown belt vs. Cain's Guerrilla jiu-jitsu purple belt.

The point I'm trying to drive home here—whether you want to say so or not—is that Junior may already have what it takes to cut Cain's reign short before the fight is even announced.

It's possible that Junior does possess the cleaner technique with his boxing, although I would only speculate on such considering how Cain looked against Lesnar at UFC 121 almost 24 hours ago.

In order to submit Cain, Junior could still use his boxing repertoire to damage him, but to submit him, his speed would have to be double what Cain's speed is.

In other words, he'd have to drop Cain and then work like hell to get a submission on the ground before Cain ever got back up.

To me, the only way to respond to the question of whether Dos Santos can derail the "Cain Train" with an emphatic "YES!" is if Dos Santos can prove himself to be more dominant on the feet in the same way that Cain showed his dominance on the feet against Brock Lesnar.

The question of whether JDS can submit Velasquez or go 25 minutes with him still have the big question mark stuck on them.

It's always possible, but I can't see any certain event taking place aside from Cain's first loss coming by way of knockout.

If there is a way for Cain to lose the belt to Dos Santos without having to be knocked out, I don't see it yet, but maybe I will soon enough.

At this particular point in time, I'd say it's too early to tell if Dos Santos can do it or not.

Then again, anything and everything is possible in the world of MMA.

So can Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos somehow derail the Cain Velasquez train?

Like I said, I can't define a real answer, but we won't know until the two prospects finally collide.