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    Will the Olympics impact American youth wrestling participation?

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    Especially excellent blog today...

    It's great to hear that Ben Peterson was "mobbed" by today's fans. I would've feared that young folks wouldn't know Ben from, say, Dan Hodge.

    It'll be interesting to see how much actual coverage wrestling gets from Beijing. If there's some sort of Cinderella story, NBC may make adjustments. (I assume there were no plans to show the 2000 Olympics Greco superheavyweight gold medal match in prime-time until The Upset... then they put it on about midnight Eastern time, nearly a day after it had actually occurred.) If more than a couple US wrestlers bring home medals -- and their success is broadcast on TV and online -- then there may be some sort of boost to wrestling. Was there any sudden influx of kids going out for wrestling after the 1972 or 1984 Olympics, for instance?

    RE your idea of getting the gold medalists of the state of Iowa together... you probably remember that Iowa State hosted its Golden Legacy event, honoring the five living gold-medal-winning Cyclones, at a hotel ballroom just before the 2005 World Team Trials held in Ames. Of course, dinner and speeches in a hotel ballroom aren't going to reach as many individuals as, say, some sort of presentation at a packed Carver-Hawkeye...

    Random, rambling thoughts...

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    One of your best blogs of the year ...


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    Mark and Jason,


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