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Thread: Wrestling Rings In College? Yep!

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    Default Wrestling Rings In College? Yep!

    Wrestling rings in college?

    Yes, it has a ring of truth... ;-)

    Back in the 1920s and 30s,
    some college wrestling programs --
    including Oklahoma State, Iowa and Northwestern --
    competed in roped-off rings,
    like we think of for pro rasslin' and boxing!

    I wrote a story for Wrestling USA magazine
    about the subject for their April 15, 2009 issue.
    To read the article:


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    Default Re: Wrestling Rings In College? Yep!

    I think they need to get rid of the sissy wrestling mats and go back to wrestling on hardened earth like the Roman's used to do it. Wrestlers today are coddled. Head gear, shoes, mats, and mouth guards? It's no wonder society is going down the crapper!!! Feed the losers to the lions!! Now THAT is motivation!!

    Seriously though, Great article Mark.

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