An acquaintance of mine just sent me the email below. He is in the running for being on MTV's The Real World, so if we could help him out and vote for him that would be good. (And post this on other wrestling boards too).

The myspace page he listed was a little confusing, but it looks like if you go to and click on the "vote for me" icon near the top on the left that will do the trick.


Chris Normile here (friend of Greg Parker, Princeton). Hope everything is well with you.

I haven't been in touch since I last got advice from you about my cross country travel website.

This is what I'm up to these days:

If you would be able help get the wrestling community to vote me on MTV's The Real World that would be extremely supportive. I am using as many networks as I can.

None-the-less, hope all is well with you. Got to run. I'm super busy promoting.