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Discuss Sgallan -- USGWA results? at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Scott, if you see this, can you please give an update on results from USGWAs? ...
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    Default Sgallan -- USGWA results?

    Scott, if you see this, can you please give an update on results from USGWAs?

    I would love to hear about Reni, Nicole Woody, and the open division (specifically my training partner, Cheryl Wong).


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    Hey Danielle -

    You probably already know some of the results stuff. As far as the tournament goes..... it sucked. The new location was a disaster. They ran the finals on two mats. I was so busy running around between two gyms I didn't get to see much wrestling. I don't even know if they had a college tournament as not many showed up. I could go on and on and on. Suffice it to say that since Reni is a freestyler, and the tournament is no longer a big deal, and it wasn't fun..... we are not going back. Bodybar is the goal as far as womens tournaments goes anyhow.

    Reni got beat and took second. It was a bit of a surprise to say the least..... the girl was tough, but Reni really didn't wrestle well, and tried funk stuff, instead of fundamental wrestling. I take most of the blame..... I have been a bit burnt out of late, and haven't been as hands-on as needed as a coach. Needless to say we are working a lot on 'back to the basics' this week, and I am very active again. Otherwise, she really wasn't into this tournament this year..... "Dad, this is just like any other tournament".

    Now Nicole...... I only got to watch her because I was coaching Andrea Hughes (who Nicole beat in the semi's). Nicole wrestled up a couple of classes. I am not real sure why she went as she didn't seem really interested. She basically did 'just' enough to win, but other than a tough final she outclassed the field.

    If you read this today..... Good Luck on your tournament tommorrow!!

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