99 years ago --
April 3, 1908 --
two men climbed into a wrestling ring
in Chicago and made history...

Corn-fed Iowa farm boy Frank Gotch
took on the massive, muscular George Hackenschmidt...

... and two hours later,
there was an upset the likes of
Gardner over Karelin... or Owings over Gable.

Now you can see photos of this match
in the NEWLY UPDATED photo album
at Frank Gotch vs George Hackenschmidt Yahoo group!


Why is this match of any interest to amateur wrestling fans? These two men were sports superstars of their time. Their two matches (1908 and 1911) were front-page news across the country... and helped fuel organized amateur wrestling at YMCAs, men's clubs, high schools and colleges throughout the US.

In addtion to match pics, you'll find hundreds of other photos of Gotch and Hack in and out of the ring, cartoons, articles, links, and more!

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