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Thread: Got '64 to mid 1980s NCAAs?

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    Default Got '64 to mid 1980s NCAAs?

    A friend is seeking tapes/DVDs of the ABC-TV broadcasts of the NCAA finals from 1964 -- the first year the college wrestling championships were broadcast on "Wide World of Sports" -- up into the mid 1980s.

    If anyone has any of these years, please post here, or email me privately and I can put you in touch with the old-school wrestling fan.

    Imagine seeing some of the all-time greats from 20-40 years ago in action. I'd especially be interested in seeing the 1970 NCAAs with the all-time stunning upset of Dan Gable at the hands of Larry Owings. (I have videoclips of the match at the Fans of Dan Gable Yahoo group

    Thanks in advance,

    PS Thanks to our own Spider who answered my earlier request for a copy of the 1989 NCAA finals and generously provided a DVD.

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    Default Re: Got '64 to mid 1980s NCAAs?

    Sorry, I didn't have a VCR back then.
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