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Thread: Old Spice Wrestling Commercial

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Hage is probably most known for being the first ever 6 timer in Juniors at Fargo. Metcalf became the second a couple years ago.
    I hadn't realized that. Cool.

    I did a google search on Sean Hage a year or so ago, wondering whatever happened to him, and found an article and photo of him as a student teacher, working with boys in an elementary class he was practice-teaching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ideamark View Post

    It took a bit of digging but here's what I found...

    Type "greg plitt" + "wrestling" into google and the first set of links all relate to his modeling career -- "most beautiful man" lists, his own website, etc.

    I added "maryland" to the search and found a Maryland wrestling forum that listed him as being one of the top wrestlers at Gilman HS...

    So I added in "gilman" and came up with this link for the 1996 Maryland Independent HS state tournament, where he was 189 champ +gilman&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=us&ie=UTF-8


    PS It's always good to be suspicious, esp when actors or pro rasslers claim amateur titles. A couple years ago, I came across a bio for a 1980s pro rasslin' superstar champ who claimed to be a Virginia HS state champ from one of the schools in the Hampton Roads area. I had corresponded with the webmaster of that school in the past, so, contacted him... and he said the pro had not wrestled at the school, let alone was never a VA champ.

    Now, if we could settle once and for all the claim made by some that PeeWee Herman = Florida HS state champ ;-)

    3rd at 171 as (presumably a Junior in 1995) and 1st at 189.. No mention in 1997, so Im assuming he graduated in 1996.. Not bad.

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    Excellent detective work, Jacob!

    Glad to see Mr Plitt is NOT guilty of wrestling-resume inflation!


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