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Thread: Advice on training younger kids?

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    I need some advice on how to train younger kids around 8 years old as appose to a high school athlete. How do you teach the fundamentals?

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    I went from coaching varsity for 10 years to coaching modified. The most important thing with younger kids is to start slow, i start off by showing everything by the numbers. step 1, then 2 and so on. I also like to use my whistle as they go thru the steps. When the kids start to get better at the moves then you can use 1 whistle and have them go thru the entire move. The younger kids also need to have some fun in practice, if not they get bored and start to watch the clock and goof off which they will some anyways. I mix practice up a few times a week, with indian runs, fun team relays, things like that. Hope this helps some, any other ?'s just ask away

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    I have coached youth for 7 years now. From 6 yr olds to 12. Seperate your practice in the room if possible. We have little ones, intermediate and advanced. Have Them start with the basic, at al levels and then let a newer coach work with the little ones. Bring them all together when showing basic moves, the little guys will look up to the older ones. Tell them they can move to the next level if they work hard and learn.

    Great point Dbozz...keep it fun. The head coach of our program has a great philosophy...make them love the sport and they will advance. It is so true. We work them hard and then play games once a week for about 20 minutes.

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