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    Here's an old video tape from Freestyle-Wrestling match in Finland. Finnish Bodybuilder Hans Fell (about 140 kilos/308 pounds) versus Finnish Olympic Winner in Greco-Roman Wrestling, Jouko Salom?ki (about 80 kilos/176 pounds). The match starts at about 01:35

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    well how has more experience Bodybuilder 140 kilos/308 pounds or Jouko Salom?ki (about 80 kilos/176 pounds) Olympic Winner .

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    Yeah it's obvious that Salom?ki is going to win, but it's still fun to watch when bigger guy is in trouble

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    Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilders aren't as strong as you think. It is all just "pumped" muscle. Powerlifters on the other hand are way stronger. Nonetheless taking on someone that is about 2 times your own bodyweight and throw him around like that is really impressive. The guy isn't in bad shape either.
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    It looked to me that he had a touchfall in the first 20 seconds

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