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    A couple of thoughts about 2008.

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    Thanks for including some of the not-so-good (but too important to overlook) wrestling stories of 2008 in your year-in-review, Jim -- programs that were cut, wrestlers who couldn't cut weight in a safe, responsible way, etc. Your blog provided a more realistic, balanced look at the year that was.

    I wonder if ultimately we'll look back at this time as a true turning point for amateur wrestling in the U.S. I see two major forces as being potentially make-or-break: The continued erosion of Division I programs... and MMA's impact on the sport. Right now, the concern with the latter all seems focused on what this will do RE the US' place in international competition, which is a valid concern, of course. But is it possible that colleges will soon see a talent drain as wrestlers opt for the Octagon? Then again, maybe MMA will ultimately be good for US amateur wrestling, as young athletes seeking an MMA career see the value in wrestling in HS and college. Stay tuned...


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