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Discuss Larry Owings at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; In looking for info on the Midlands tournament at Northwestern, I came across this story ...
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    In looking for info on the Midlands tournament at Northwestern, I came across this story from 2000 from the Seattle Times, about Larry Owings, The Man Who Beat Dan Gable. (Northwestern's arena -- then named McGaw Hall -- was the site of arguably the biggest upset in college wrestling.) Thought you might enjoy reading it...

    If anyone has any more recent update of "Where's Larry Owings", please post it here*. Thanks!


    Friday, April 7, 2000 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

    Whatever happened to . . . Larry Owings?
    By Bob Sherwin

    Seattle Times staff reporter

    It's never going to leave, that painful image of defeat. Not in Dan Gable's mind, not in this lifetime. He won't allow it. He clings to it like a drowning man trying to stay afloat, because he understands what once had defeated him also made him a champion.

    It doesn't matter that it's been 30 years. Time heals nothing, not the memory, not the legend and not the gap between the two men, Iowa State's Dan Gable, the greatest wrestler of all time, and a confident University of Washington sophomore named Larry Owings.

    "I don't think he's out of my head even today," Gable said recently.

    Their epic match 30 years ago altered the lives of both in ways not anticipated and provided the sport with a story to pass down through generations on the scope of a Biblical parable.

    "People are still talking about it," said Ron Good, editor of the Amateur Wrestling News. "It's the biggest upset ever in the sport, and it's a fascinating story."

    Owings and Gable, forever linked, met in the NCAA final for the 142-pound weight class. Gable never lost before he faced Owings in that match, nor after it. But in the final 30 seconds of a close, intense, exhausting match, Owings slipped underneath Gable's arms for a leg lift or sweep, putting the erstwhile invincible Gable on his back for the winning points. "It was a move," Owings said, "I had never done before or since."

    Gable was told Owings' comment and said he didn't realize the infamous leg sweep was not a practiced move.

    "If he had never tried that before, then that tells me it's desperate. Desperation is something that brings out unusual things," Gable said. "I had never heard that before. That makes it worse now from my point of view. I kind of wish he had gotten me with his best move."

    To read the rest of the article: http://community.seattletimes.nwsour...7&slug=4014268

    PS Want to see more about Owings vs Gable? The Fans of Dan Gable Yahoo group has tons of pics of Dan the Man, videoclips and stills of the epic 1970 NCAA finals between Owings and Gable... as well as portions of a 1980 biography on Larry Owings with his account of their meeting on the mat.

    * Found a 2005 AWN story about Owings, which I posted at Fans of Dan Gable FILES:
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