The 2010 Survivor Series of the WWE Championship came to an end on Sunday, November 21 and so the career of John Cena. Cena whose job was at risk in the final match due a pre-match stipulation that he can only maintain his job with the Wresting Stable, The Nexus, if their member Wade Barrett wins the Sunday game. Cena, who was forced to join the Nexus group after losing to Barrett at Hell in a Cell, on October 3, 2010, was already in some ugly ongoing disputes with Nexus lead David Otunga and Barrett. As per pre-match terms and conditions John Cena will be the special referee for the Survivor Series Championship match between Wade Barrett and Randy Orton and he had to help Barrett to win the title tag, it further started that Cena will be freed from Nexus If Barrett wins and if Barrett loses, Cena will be fired from WWE.

This Survivor Series match was in news for week not because of a battle between the two old rivals, Wade and Randy but due to the part Cena will play.

The air of the wrestling ring was already heating up as no one knew if Cena will keep his job or he is going for a revenge on Nexus. The seven times WWE Championship winner had already warned Barrett backstage that he is done with Nexus and he knows what he is going to do in the ring. Once the 2 wrestlers and the referee stepping on the stage floor there were many moments when Barrett has full control over Wade and he was frustrated for not getting winning counts from Cena. At the final moments he was so frustrated that he shoved Cena, who in return shoved Barrett back to the bad guy, Orton who went for the pinfall. Right there Cena, started counting ONE, TWO, he paused for a second and this was the last second for Cena to think once more what he is going to do and he finally shouted THREE and he was fired right on the stage.

Cena kept his words and new WWE champion was Randy Orton. John immediacy after the match ripped off his black and white stripped referee?s shirt and Nexus armband as well. On screen he looked in grief when he handed over the WWE title belt to Orton as he knew what will next be coming on his way. The whole crowded was in deep shock as they realized what Cena has sacrificed to put and end on his wrestling career. Buy cheap WWE tickets to enjoy all the wrestling games live.