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Discuss Tournament Bracketing Software at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Does anybody have any suggestions as to what kind of software they've used/seen used successfully ...
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    Default Tournament Bracketing Software

    Does anybody have any suggestions as to what kind of software they've used/seen used successfully for an open tournament? Here's our scenario:

    My alma mater (high school) runs a large annual tournament with 3 divisions (6/7th, 8/9th, 9-12th) and the only pre-entries we have are the home wrestlers. We normally have about 600 entries, sometimes more.. And it's ran on 10 mats. We usually hand bracket the tourney but that takes +/- 10 people and there always seems to be a screw-up somewhere that forces a kid to be 1 and done, or not be eligible for a medal even though he should be.

    I'm wondering, is there any software that could negate this? We hand-write out the bout sheets and the weigh-in cards. The weigh-in cards are not a priority, but the bout sheets are. We have access to 3 laptops, either PC's or Mac's and can purchase a legitimate high-end laser printer for the bout sheets. However, I don't know anything about networking them all together, which seems to be required for trackwrestling.

    The two options I've seen: Trackwrestling and BrownBagData's software.

    We will have limited access to the internet, so I don't know if trackwrestling has downloadable software or not. We would also want to be able to keep the software because it's a year in-year out kind of tournament. Plus they host their own invitational later in the year and usually a regional or Dual State tournament as well.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Default Re: Tournament Bracketing Software

    I know you don't have to be online to utilize TrackWrestling, if that helps.
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    Default Re: Tournament Bracketing Software

    Check out Gimp's program, by Escape Sports. I've used many many different programs to run various tournaments over the past 10+ years, and I like his the best.
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    Default Re: Tournament Bracketing Software

    Gimp's is good and so is Kreider PC Tournaments. Track is VERY VERY functional when changing up formats and such.

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    Default Re: Tournament Bracketing Software

    New to this board and just saw this post. We have been using Tournament Plus software from BrownBag Data for a long time and have found that it handles everything in your initial post. Granted, nothing beats experience with the software to make you comfortable with it - but that applies to any that you choose. The program is frequently updated as new feature come into demand and it is very flexible. Also, it is a one-time purchase.

    We run an annual youth tournament with a cutoff at 1200 kids. Four Divisions (split 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). Essentially everyone is preregistered (minimal changes last minute), but we do weigh in everyone prior to the tourny and bracket them using the "Madison weights" system (first 8 or 16 at a weight make up the first bracket, etc). Weigh-is end and all bracketing starts about 1 hour before the tournament is scheduled to start. Once you get the system down, it isn't difficult to enter the wrestlers, double check your entry, print first round bout slips and bracket sheets and have everything ready to start the first matches before the National Anthem. If you want to see some of our final results, go to (can't include a link here because I don't have enough posts). We have to turn away hundreds of registration requests every year (started this tournament in 1994) as a testimonial to how well run the tournament is using this software. We typically have 3 computers and 2 printers on a network. One computer dedicated to data entry, one for printing bout slips and bracket sheets and one to help answer those questions that always come up to the head table. We also use the third computer to enter registration data and bracketing for the afternoon session while the morning session is going on. A second printer is just there as a backup.

    Good luck in your search.

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