I am scheduling for the first week in October, a weekly Internet Radio Wrestling Talk program titled Wrestling Talk with Mike. This will be a call in show, which will feature guests with a primary focus on promoting the sport of wrestling. It is also hoped that an agreement can be made to also broadcast wrestling duals and tournaments from within Kansas. It is possible that if the agreement is made that we could also be broadcasting duals in addition to the weekly talk program.

Right now I am specifically looking at guests and sponsors for the program. This post is specific to see if there are guests that individuals would like to hear and be on the program. I have already had some individual contact me regarding guests and I have started that process of contacting them and scheduling them for future shows. Who would you like to have on the air for something like this? I would also ask, what day and time would be best for the program? For those that don?t know, it will be possible to access all programs through the archives. It would also be interesting to hear what topics you would like to see discussed on the program. I assure you, I will take all of your input seriously and I also appreciate you taking this announcement and future announcements to other wrestling boards. If wanting more information contact me at mike@furches.org with Wrestling Talk with Mike in the subject line. Thanks and I appreciate it.