I need guests for a radio program, The Virtual Pew Live is officially on the air as of this Wed. There is another test run today for the online radio program at blogtalkradio.

I am also working on 2 other programs, a movie review program, where I already have several guests and interviews lined up as well as a Wrestling program where I have several interviews set up. The movie review program starts in the next month and the wrestling program in the next month and a half.

Here is what I am looking for, anything related to wrestling, but also some for The Virtual Pew, more spiritual based. What I am looking for though is interviews that would be somewhat different, while at the same time giving full respect. I am looking for Atheists, individuals with extreme views, as well as individuals who have had issues with Christianity. Again, on this program I offer full respect and those who know me know this. Individuals can contact me if interested at mike@thevirtualpew.com or mike@furches.org I am currently scheduling guests for The Virtual Pew program and am also trying to get guests lined up once the wrestling program starts.