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Thread: Better Wrestling Shoes

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    Default Better Wrestling Shoes

    I am willing to buy Rulons Aggressors or Mat Wizards III but i dont know which one is best please help by details thanks

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    Default Re: Better Wrestling Shows

    I meant Wrestling shoes

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    Default Re: Better Wrestling Shoes

    The Rulon are being phased out and being replaced by the Aggressor (I'm told they are pretty much the new Rulon w/o the name)

    So.. I'd pick the Asics Aggressors

    <table class="productListing" width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="productListing-odd"><td class="productListing-data" align="center">
    Aggressor Wrestling Shoes Black/Red
    </td> <td class="productListing-data" align="center">
    Aggressor Wrestling Shoes Grey/Royal Blue
    </td> <td class="productListing-data" align="center">
    Aggressor Wrestling Shoes Royal Blue/Gold

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    Default Re: Better Wrestling Shoes

    thank when i have enough money ill buy them

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    Default Re: Better Wrestling Shoes

    Save yourself 5 bucks by adding code 5OFF in the promo code section on since you came here to ask

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    Default Re: Better Wrestling Shoes

    I know that this isn't the popular choice but I never had expensive wrestling shoes, I always bought Asics, and I always went with one of the cheaper pairs which served me very well. I had two pairs that I used for my last year of HS through my college career (club wrestling), after that I used them to officiate and coach. I now use one pair when I go jet skiing (most freestyle jet-skiers use wrestling shoes) and they have both been holding up very well.
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