Des Moines, IA- August 7, 2007- TakeDown Radio, a ten year old radio program originating from the U.S. announced a strategic agreement today with UK based on-line publication, Mat Magazine (Martial Arts Television ? magazine). Through the new agreement, Mat Magazine adds significant reporting and content regarding wrestling and combat sports in the United States. At the same time, Mat Magazines reach outside the U.S. will increase TakeDown Radio?s listener base on a global scale.

?We believe this is a natural progression for our publication as well as the radio program? commented Jeroen Winters, Mat Magazines founder. ?The ways readers and listeners interests parallel each other are amazing. The growing popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) in Europe and other countries has developed a strong interest in wrestling, particularly wrestling in the United States. TakeDown Radio?s provocative reporting will serve to educate a willing audience.? Jeroen Winters, Mat Magazines founder, added.

Mat Magazine, a seven year old company, with offices in Los Angeles, London(UK) and the Netherlands, owns matchannel.com, an internet video provider. As part of the strategic agreement, all web sites owned and managed by both companies provide links to audio and video streaming, archived programming, pod casting, up to the minute news, action, and interviews.

?We?ve anticipated the day our relationships with kindred spirits would combine with technology, allowing us to expand our message and mission on a global scale. With Mat Magazine, we?ve realized our goal and have gone even further to reach the people in those markets that care most? offered TakeDown Radio founder Scott Casber. ? TDR has always believed the strongest, most balanced, and successful MMA competitors have a broad understanding of wrestling. We?re confident our partnership with Mat Magazine will contribute to enriching the overall experience for all involved.? Casber concluded.

TakeDown Radio provides over 600 hours of live programming per year, including live broadcasts from major collegiate wrestling events, as well as national and international competitions. Mat Magazine provides free reporting on several combat sports including MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Matchannel.com provides video programming, including considerable archives of key competitions. Video programming on matchannel.com is available for free and at a charge.

More information on TakeDown Radio can be found at http://www.takedownradio.com

More information on Mat Magazine can be found at http://www.mat-magazine.com

More information on Mat Channel can be found at http://www.matchannel.com