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Thread: Dave Schultz's murderer, John duPont, up for parole

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    Default Dave Schultz's murderer, John duPont, up for parole

    John duPont, the man convicted in the January 1996 murder of popular US amateur wrestler and coach Dave Schultz, is being considered for parole, according to a story posted at, the website for USA Wrestling.

    The article states:

    USA Wrestling has been informed by the Schultz family that duPont is eligible for parole and his status will be reviewed again during or after March 2010.

    The Office of the Victim Advocate (OVA) is accepting statements from those who wish to be heard on whether duPont should be released. USA Wrestling has been asked to provide the following information for people who might want to provide a statement to the OVA.

    Those in the wrestling community who wish to issue a statement may do so during the month of March 2010. Statements should reference Inmate No. DG1158, John duPont. Statements can be sent by mail or by email.

    For contact info, click here:

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    Default Re: Dave Schultz's murderer, John duPont, up for parole

    Statements can be sent by:

    Board of Probation and Parole
    Office of the Victim Advocate
    1101 S. Front Street, Suite 5200
    Harrisburg, PA 17104

    Send emails to:
    Please do not send attachments. Include the text in the body of the email.

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