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Discuss wrestling tattoo at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; i'm turning eighteen this coming year and i've been thinking about getting a tattoo that ...
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    i'm turning eighteen this coming year and i've been thinking about getting a tattoo that has something to do with wrestling because wrestling is one of those things that i know i will never be ashamed of. The tattoo will be either on my ribs, back or inner arm. Any ideas on what to get? I was thinking maybe shoes or headgear.

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    As someone who has a lot of ink and bleeds wrestling, here's my suggestion:

    Don't get a wrestling tattoo. Especially the USA Wrestling logo. My favorite guys to wrestle when I was in highschool and college were the guys with the USA wrestling logo. I never lost to one of them (not saying there are some who would have, and still could beat me, there are. I just never ran across them). They are also usually shocked that they lost.

    Caveat: unless you go on to wrestle for a college program. Look at the Illinois wrestlers from last year with their new tat's. Or Iowa. You get the idea.

    My advice to change your perspective. Don't think of it as something you might be ashamed of later. That's the wrong way to look at it. Get something that has a personal meaning. For me, my first tat is a gecko, just peeking out the front of my arm, the rest of it is inside the forearm.

    The idea being that in Polynesian/Tropical cultures, a house isn't a home until a gecko moves in. All they do is eat bugs and such, but they are considered a good luck charm. Hence the peeking around the arm, it is always looking out for me.

    Hope that helps.

    Also, tattoo's are addictive and remeber, someday you might enter the business world and always have to wear long sleeves on casual days and golf outings. Which isn't fun in the summer.

    If you absolutely have to have a wrestling tattoo, find a picture of Joe Betterman's Jacob wrestling the angel. That will probably cost you an arm, back, and ribs however.

    My two, well maybe fifty cents.
    "It is the difference between humble and hubris that distinguishes their positions." -TLV

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    Default Re: wrestling tattoo

    very insightful
    thank you much

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