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    My son is 10 yrs old and is the one in the red. What does he need to work on to keep his opponents from getting in on his legs? Hand control? He is strong on the mat, but weak on the feet.

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    He looks pretty good ! This is advice not criticism . He needs to keep his hands out front to aide his sprawl . His back is bent over and he's leaning forward a little and needs to bend his knees a little more . He has taken his spring from his legs by bending his back to lower his stance verses lowering his hips and straightening his back a bit . He'll also be in a better stance and posture to shoot as well . Another tip . When he throws his half he's starting to run it tell him to get his shoulder in the opponent's armpit for 2 reasons ...this keeps his body lower to the mat so he won't get rolled as he is turning the other wrestler and it gives him better leverage to turn the wrestler while also sinking his half elbow deep so he can later lift the head from the mat . He had 2 instances where he was turning the wrestler with his forearm behind the head instead of the elbow....this is much more difficult to do ...he's losing his leverage as well as being in a position to get rolled through . Hope this helps !
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    Thanks! I"ll talk with him.

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    Just to build on what Coach Hartz said;

    Watching this match; several times he lets his opponent control both of his wrists. Try have him work on his hand fighting and wrist control. Plus the minor adjustment in his stance like Coach Hartz pointed out.

    His mat wrestling is really good but; you can't let guys get to your legs like that and be successful.
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    Oops . I missed the double wrist control . Sorry ; I thought they each had a wrist .
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    We have a meet on Sun and are gonna work on his stance and hand fighting right now.

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