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Thread: Rulon vs. Inflicts

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    I'm currently wrestling in responses and wanted to make a change to a more traditional model with modern materials.
    I understand that there are numerous inflict models, i was particularly interested in the ones with the mesh.. their available on the footlocker website (only place i could find them, its hard in canada with limited resources). Any thoughts on this shoe, or which inflict shoe model would be the best.
    The other shoe i was looking at is the asics rulon, any comments on it?
    In conclusion what do you guys think the top shoe would be out of these choices?

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    Default Re: Rulon vs. Inflicts

    the inflict is a nuts and bolts shoe. Tough, good looking, and all about simple, core design. Good for the traditional look. I highly recommend them.

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    The Rulon is (from what I've heard from our supplier) the best shoe available in large supply.

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