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Thread: Thank you, bluestater.

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    Default Thank you, bluestater.

    In a week when the sport has taken a beating in media outlets nationwide - I want to thank bluestater for projecting positive images of wrestling to a mainstream sports audience with her blogs on Fourth Place Medal.

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    Default Re: Thank you, bluestater.

    Indeed, blue has done an excellent job. Although I think my favorite part of any of her stuff didn't even involve wrestling.

    The comparison of Olympic lifting, and the spelling bee was pretty money.

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    Oh my goodness - thanks, guys! Hopefully, I'll get to write more about some medal winners this weekend and next week.

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    Default Re: Thank you, bluestater.

    The blog has been great. I emailed a bunch of people I know and told them to check it out. I like the guy that's been solving the mysteries too
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    Default Re: Thank you, bluestater.

    Bluestater's done a fantastic job ... I'm actually jealous. She's getting more name recognition with this than many writers out there.

    Although, I hope to be at the Games in 2012, but it's been a great thing to have the blog from Maggie's opinion.

    Great stuff ... high fives, kudos, props, whatever you want to call it, it's been a good read.

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