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  1. Zapp-
    I always use a calculator off Yahoo to add my scores -I went through yours 3 times and came up with 179 each time . I did not add all the individual scores -just the ones you had posted as totals for that wrestler .
    It is a simple down load as all the figures get blurry after a long ass day like today . I ALWAYS use a calculator-I can add but this is easier .
    i have Snacks permission to work a trade with Freddie Santiante=I could give you #10 Lane and #15 Santiante for #8 Trice and #23 Mariarcher // any other trades and we are talking 3-4 guys involved .Santainate has 8 matches the next 3 weeks . i'll understand if you turn it down -but LoSt will try and rape you and 33s are hard to come by. You could make a run at Sentes but Trusty is hard to deal with , at least in my experience.
    let me know and we can try and figure something out but Snack has no need of a 125 as he has Robles.
  2. Zapp-I hope that 3 week explanation explains a lot of my ''stupid'' trades . if I can trade a #5 guy with 1 match for a #12 with 7 I'll do that all day .
    It is a loop hole yet legal-you must respect that as an attorrney -take care
  3. Boris just got you a major .
  4. I asked the commish and it might be wise to Flex Polz .russ
  5. I've been tekking everyone Brown is barely a .500 wrestler at 57 but got sick of listening to LoSt -he sucks -I hope Shuster or Deutsch win the mac .
  6. Go to sleep !!
  7. on those blog thingies I am herbp-told you when he beat spllutj 1-0 to unload him while you could .
  8. I know, but Johnston wasn't wrestling, I couldn't afford to have a weight scoring me no points, and then Ashmore looked good against a huge Oliver.
  9. I can't believe who you traded with . Didn't alarms and bells go off ?? Danger will Robinson DANGER !!
  10. Russ, thank you for your several reminders of how terrible Ben Ashmore is, lol. I have Boris as my main guy now, and he's solid, and I of course wish I hadn't been drunk at a wedding when I got rid of Colin Johnston instead of obviously Ashmore.
  11. ZApp-Ashmore lost to 2 guys from Wyoming -I'll bet he does not place in top 3 of the pac 10.
  12. Thanx roadie-you see now why I don't sweat 141 ?or HWT??-I want SHREK to win !!Novachov losing to Germaine Lindsay gives Ohio a shot at the team title . Why don't you ask LoSt to trade you Asmore/McDonough ??
  13. Can't find the brackets -that link lost left sux
  14. Never had aproblem with his wrestling skills , just coming down from 141 -I'll stay with Ness, tho..
  15. Not a problem, Russ. Colin Johnston not looking so terrible now, huh? Loses 2-1 to Boris, and then pins his wrestleback opponent.
  16. Thanks Zapp
  17. The bracket is updated up to the semi's, brother man.
  18. Zapp-Where are you getting any updates ?? I can't afford 14.95 to listen to a frigging tournament . I heard from Arch and he is coming around ok after a year long divorce -good to hear from him as I was kinda worried -he fell off the wagon for a while but is back in a program .
  19. I was sure gonna take Boris -Pm'd J and everything -to make sure it was Kosher -Now Gop[h has staled us out for the day !! LoSt was up on the PC at 4 -I know because I was cramping up all night and he was dicking around -
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