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  1. Something has to be done about the mat cleaning materials -it seems obvious to me that what ever bacteria is out there has mutated and the stuff the janitors are using does not work -look at Vegas -4-5 kids flunked skin tests and Kinser had a skin problem as well as 5-6 others -unless you are a molecular biologist there is little you may do but as a moderator surely you know some AD's who could lobby for a better disinfectant- I promise never to call you surely again, too.
  2. I really hope Orozco gets a wild card -he beat a couple of tough kids and made a hellacious cut down to 84 -I think he has 26 wins on the season and is 13-4 at 184 with 2 losses to Smith .
  3. Are they showing the Pac 10 finals tonight-turned it on and says unavailable -I thought they would be showing the wrestle backs .
  4. No big deal-Orozco is a good kid -not just a good wrestler -Smith will beat him but he'll have to earn it . I was happy for Kubec -beat the #2and 3 seeds-felt bad for Davis -beating Sherley and gets thrown with 5 seconds left .With Mangum and Kubec they will be nails next year -lose 2 great kids but they have a lot to work with .
  5. It must have been the pre-seeds that Oregon State sent to me.
  6. Wiltz -
    i just checked and Orozco got the 2 seed at the Pac 10's -the UC Davis site has all the brackets .
  7. It came from a press release via Oregon State I think. So I would assume they are reliable.
  8. wiltz -are the Pac -10 seeds factually or your predictions ? I ask because the Cal state Baker site has Orozco as the #2 seed at 184 as he is 10-3 since coming down from 197.I had Halsey , traded him then got him back in a huge trade so I could get Metcalf-i just hope the man shows up . An animal but a head case .
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