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  1. when I was in the other league we used to laugh how lost would come on and bitch about Zap letting trades go through while he was getting guys like Jordan for nothing -so , yea ,I do .
  2. You think Jensen will approve a 1 sided trade like that?
  3. w-What you say is true -but he has wrestled Menlo and SFState -Zac has 2 duals ,the midlands then 11 duals -with Orozco you are guaranteed a conference champion in the Pac -10 with Casperson and Orozco-Drury will NOT win the ACC -3rd most likely behing Jones and Taylor , also I don't see Geisen beating Smith from Boise . I see Zac beating Bradshaw as he lost to Honeycutt by 1 point and is a 100% improved this year -common opponent Miller from Rider -2-1 Bradshaw , 8-4 Zac-Do YOU think Drury will score you bonus and win the ACC ? AT best Zach G gets 2nd in Pac10 and I can pretty much guarantee Zac will win the EWL or 2nd at worse -sitting still is gonna kill us as ISU is about to give Lost the championship-Fisk-Drouin and James for Bailey ,Gillespie and Miller .That gives LoSt 2 top 5's at 141 and 2 top 5's at 74 .and he gives up nothing . You are a grown man and surely you see sitting still = death .
  4. IDK Russ,

    My boy Giesen is still undefeated, I'm betting he wins the PAC 10. Plus Stanford schedule is pretty nice for the 2nd half of the season. 13 duals plus Reno and Midlands.
  5. W-
    thanks for the info-and I take it is a no on the thomuseit and Orozco trade -i thought that would have worked out well -doesn't matter as ISU is about to give 1/2 his team to Lost for NOTHING .
  6. Minor injury. so they held him out of the Bucknell/Rutgers trip I'm sure to be 100% against Reader
  7. w.
    i was wondering where he was the other night as I know Brands does not play that ducking a guy bS-I was just hoping he wouldn't be out long , except for when he wrestles Young .
  8. Wiltz -
    How do you know what or where you pick in the supplemental ? I was not in this league last year so am clueless -I thought you just had 3 rounds in reverse order of the standings .
  9. Wiltz-
    did you get a chance to look over that trade offer -I do not mean to hurry you but I cant get on line very often as the site is having problems and i don't have a computer right now .At the library now .Russ
  10. Wiltz -
    Accordino pulled out of the N C State open -inj.def.-don't know why -he only beat Pavlou from UTC by a point an Pavlou is an over weight 141 .
  11. Wiltz -I think kerber will be fine in a few weeks -i might ask whatyou want for either Onufer or Porter . Kerber may win the EIWA but no way is Young going to win the big 10 and I'd like to have at least one conference champion . Young is my leading point getter so I really don't want to part with him but am open to negotiations .
    I am fairly certain Porter will win the east but Onufer is gonna have to prove he can beat the U of N Col. kid .
  12. Wiltz -you'd better keep Drury and I'll fft until I can work a deal with someone else -that or Starks will return-I say this for twofold reasons -one -Ortega is useless after 3 weeks but is gonna score big those 3 weeks -secondly-Casperson lost to Chad Hanke -who is not very good-at the Southern Oregon open .Apparently the rust is gonna take some time to come off .
    For his results go to was 26-11 - 2 years ago.
  13. The N/E duals are the 28th -here is Ortega's schedule -I only picked him up because he was 19-5 going into the big 10's with 10 falls-
    11/28 Hoosier duals -5 matches
    12/4 CK
    12/12 Fite duals
    12/29-Scuffle 1/2 West Va.
    1/16 IU duals (3) matches
    Then I was going to drop him but he'll probably go 5-3 in the big 10. If you only keep him until the supplementals he'll win you 8 matches -most by fall . Matt wsas 23-13 as a freshman 133 in the big 10. He went 2-6 then 2-2 and placed 7th but did not get invited to the Nationals. Matt had all 10 pins by the FITE duals -if you don't want him for drury then I'll just wait on Starks or the Supplemental or we can swap back after 3 weks . Your choice .
  14. Drury is at the NE duals this weekend. Otherwise he only wrestle once vs Maryland which he is not likely to win(Hudson Taylor), until Reno 12-20. While Casperson Has 3 duals and and the Cliff Keen LV invite and the Reno. I got these two because there schedule kinda fit together. Make me an offer though and I will consider it.
  15. I have no Idea.I just need a back up for a few weeks -then if Starks injury is more severe than his coach says it is -he e-mailed me back-then I'll look for a 197 full time . Right now I want to keep Ortega because of the Indiana and Fite Duals where he pinned 6 of 7 opponents , same thing with Young who is my leading point getter (so far)-I could lose Melde -but he only has 1 loss and pinned the #20 and majored the #19 yet is unranked -go figure . Hell,I'll take Casperson for my second round supplemental-if we can do that -he is kinda having a rough go of things -I donno.
  16. Drury is definetly the better of my two 197 pounders and has the better schedule. What were you thinking?
  17. Any way I can trade you for Drury ? Starks is unbeaten but med dft 'd out of the Brockport -he is 5-0 but may miss a few weeks .
  18. I didn't say I was taking his offer. I'm a little leary about giving up King. He is having a really good year so far.
  19. ez -
    I'm busting my butt trying to get you a top 174 to go with #10 Banano and he throws out Accordio for Porter? Accordino lost to green yesterday -all these guys who think they can move from 41 to 49 are in for a shock .
    Everyone said Frank the tank looked great -he wrestled a nobody -wait til Big 10 's begin or he has a good 49 lber to face .Justin isn't going to be pushing anyone around this year .
  20. Grips offered me Accordino for Porter
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