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  1. yes...straight through..ah frick!!!! I'm not sure if Gage-man is up for is on candy day?
  2. Are you driving straight through? Is Gage riding along?
  3. 6 or so
  4. How many kids you bringing?
  5. yeah, halloween
  6. That's right around Halloween correct? I'm not 100% sure. I'm gonna try though.
  7. Are you going to make the visit to CF for preseason nationals?
  8. Two men enter one man leaves LOL
  9. just checked the football deal out.....big week ...two 3 and oohhss goin at it for the lead
  10. No, unfortunately not. Scott is going to the Big 5(twelve). I have some other commitments this weekend.
  11. Are you covering WWC @ UNC?
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