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  1. Nope.

    Never has been.
  2. Is Bison OPen not counted?
  3. Honestly it'll just be easier if you send me the pic you want as your avatar and let me do it.
  4. Hey Shane.....time to change my avatar. How do I do that?
  5. Evening shane:

    My next picks will be: Kerber at 165, Glasser at 174, Mario Mason at 149, and Biando at 197.
    I'll check in tomorrow am.
  6. I think (hope) we'll be able to get to your 3rd pick tomorrow.

    This weekend I'm just going to be hands off. If people show up to make their picks then they can make them, if not I won't stress.

    Just be ready to hit it hard on Monday and Tuesday.
  7. Think we'll get ot round 4 today, boss?
    I'll be on bike most of day tomorrow adn will be back tomorrow aft.
    then, as I said, I'll be in Racine for Saturday(could get in a pick before I leave....then leave you some choices...then I'll be back Sunday afternoon.
    Leaving form MKE Monday adn will be back Wednesday, but will have access to computer.
  8. Discrepancy.
    Yo boss, I just re-added and had 69 including the 4 from Benefiel last nite. Maybe I got some results wrong, but i'm on page 1 of last week's discussin with my totals.
  9. I'm up and at it, Shane. Going to take Kyle John over Scotten even though Scotten is ranked higher. John just majored him. Not going to take 3 turn.

  10. Hi Shane,
    I have to blow Dodge for a while.
    I need a 157 pounder, even if the rumor about Dietchler isn't true.

    In order: Salazar-Purdue, Scottan-NC, Deutch-NIU, and Davis Oregon State.
    I'll drop Nord

    If these guys are gone, I'm SOL and I'll jut trade Eidyshink of Minn for Nord. I don't think Nord can handle the weight cut

    3rd round, you can pass me by as there is noone else that I want to get rid of.

  11. Good am Shane,
    just in case I'm away when you start the SD, my first pick is OSU's Chris McNeil at 174. That shouldn't be a surprise as I've been without Benefiel all season.

  12. hey boss, do I get any points for Couglin in the EMO? I think that he took fourth and won 6 matches.
  13. Yo, you're up...
  14. Tim, its your show brother. Benefiel and Deitchler are the last two guys on the list that you sent me in that order.

    I'll let you make the final call.
  15. I HAVE to ad them as a friend??? Hmmm.......that doesn't seem kosher. what if I don't want them as a friend.
    Have fun teaching........great career you are entering. I'm looking forward to the excitement of the tourney. st. Louis is a lot more fun than Michigan was.
  16. You've got to add them as a friend, go into the place check the box and click a button that says I think "add this person as a friend" then click save.

    Unfortunately I won't be at NCAA's, I'll be busy student teaching.
  17. Hey Shane, how do I get rid of a 'notification' that indicates that someone wants to be a 'friend'. i"ve tried everything that I can thinkof and it stays in place.
    Going to NCAAs. IF ya are, I will happily buy you a beer if ya help me out here.


  18. Gofer has a nice link posted in his "Great Fantasy Link" thread that takes you to team page schedules.

    That or you can use the schedule link at

    I wouldn't panic though, most people will have very few matches this week and some in fact may have none at all.
  19. Geez, I wsa thinking that there wsa nothing until the middle of NOvemeber, Shane. Any good link to see what's up or should I just go to each of my wrestler's school site to see what if anything is scheduled?
  20. Good morning, Shane,

    I'm gone this am so: how about Thorne at 141 and/or Coughlin at 157 if Thorne is taken...........and then I think we are finished assuming my apparently early pick of Geiger stands.
    Have a great day.
    Tim V
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