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  1. Good find -That kid he stuck from Nebraska gave Mason a run for his money -If mason places higher than 5th in the big 10 I'll be a surprised fool . You TOLD me to draft him -maybe next year -this year -no. TRADE BAIT.
  2. and he's at midlands. i'm picking him up for green
  3. #2 ranked kid coming out of high school -RS last year -
  4. wow yeah, he did have a great vegas tourney.
  5. Thax -
    I just told SgGallan about a super sleeper so I'll tell you too-Look up R J Pena ,149,Oregon State ,Freshman with 7-8 falls and a couple of close matches with #6 Chamberlain . Take a look . Just type in
  6. He is REDSHIRTING. Otherwise he would be on your roster
  7. Do you know why Kellen Russell hasn't wrestled yet this year?
  8. Thax-
    Week 8 and then thje wek of the scuffle and Midlands should separate you from the pack -then people will come hat in hand for your guys .Bet on it .You are doing a GREAT job.Russ
  9. Thax-
    I haven't been checking up on the waivers and stuff because..never mind -but if you have one to spare -pick up either Archuletta or Purdue's 149 for the Purdue Duals -3Div.1 schools and an NAIA school-it should be a pin fest -think about it .Juan is a little stud anyway at 141 .
  10. good call. if he is available after Reno i will pick him up.
  11. That is next semester -you know more about computers than I do-just print out there schedules and compare -I will say I doubt there will be a stampede for Bailey -so ?? Nacita has Reno and the scuffle this semester -and last year he laost in the second round then won 8 matches to place 3rd .
  12. Melde was a guy I spent hours looking for and picked up in the 14th round in my league -he scored you a tech and a fall yesterday and that is the type of comp he will see all year . Let things develop for now -Melde has everyone pissed as I got him late and he has outscored damn near every 141 in the league and has 30 matches left . He should move to top 15 this week .
    Do you remember when we talked about trading teams and leagues ?? I am thinking about paying Netdetective and finding LoSt and hurting him . I am in first or second place -if gold and JensenS go for it you want to trade teams ?
    my team;
    133 Ness
    141 Ciasulli/Melde
    149 Metcalf
    157 JPO'Conner
    165 -Kerber/Young
    174 manuel / Decker
    184 Craig/Thomuseitt
    197-Lapotsky /Orozco
    HWT Birchler
  13. oklahoma's got vrginia duals and lone star duals coming up. should be points there.
  14. exactly what i was thinking. it is gonna be hard to let melde go
  15. i'd give Bailey a chance if I were you -he beat Dake for 3rd . Nacita has Reno and Scuffle coming up-so keep him til after those .
  16. Thaxton -Bailey is available -an iffy schedule but is wrestling well -should be a top 10 next week-3rd at CK and lost to Hump by 2 points at Brockport .He'll place in the top 3 at the big 5 -that is the only problem -he is in the same conference as Gallick and Parks . Take a look at him .
  17. Thax -
    I sent Gold some wrong scores as I keep forgetting about the fft rule in your league -thanks for the correction . russ
  18. 141 is SO wide open -you just need a conference champion at 141 -no one is going to go unbeaten -Hump was beat but Novachov gave up a TD.Nf in the last 30 seconds -does anyone have Zach Bailey-he was coming on strong last year then was injured -ranked 16th and a real solid wrestler .
    couldn't find a Buck this morning ? what you using -my brother in law went out with his new Muzzle loader this morning too. a .50 ca using 275 gr is not fair to a deer , imo-that is why I quit hunting .russ
  19. no man your not botherin me. it has been hard for me to keep up, my computer took a sh*t, and i just got back from hunting. i saw hashimoto had a good tournament, and didn't notice the med forf until you told me. i was just looking for a better 41 lbr, that is where i am weakest i think.
  20. Did you compare schedules ? I am just trying to help-if I am bothering you let me know .
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