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  1. This is all I'll post on..... Big can have the rest of the board.
  2. Not a huge deal dude, I've mentioned a few times that I get a kick out of your sig so I just figured I'd bring it up again.

    Glad to see the Olympics have brought you back around here a little bit after your self imposed exile of a time.
  3. It's hopeless - and it's not like I don't know how to navigate web sites - I do most of my shopping there - I'll stay 47.
  4. User CP, go down the left nav bar to "Edit Signature"
  5. I don't know how to change my age...... this board is impossible to navigate.
  6. Tell him to check his computer, because we haven't done shit to him. I suppose he could be lying too, but if it really means that much to him if he can't figure it out himself just have him email Schlottke. Schlottke AT (for the spammers) Tell him to put a good heading on the motherfucker too.
  7. Jensen -

    ctc is saying on the other board he can no longer view this site. What do I tell him?
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