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  1. Schlottke-
    I started a thread in non-wrestling talk about Snackem and his sick little girl-she has Lupus and is undergoing dialysis-could you help me spread the word for people to send a prayer out to Jeremy ?
  2. Schlottke-
    I hate to bother you yet I must . My PC is a POS 5000-I mean this thing crashes more than a cross eyed Kamikaze pilot . Is there a way to NOT receive the weekly updates I get every Sunday ?? My e-mail is nearly fried and I cannot keep taking parts out of old computers and piecing them together . Occupational Therapy promised me a new computer but budget cuts shot that to hell and I really know next to nothing about computers -self taught on EVERYTHING-it is probably very apparent how illiterate I am on these devices .
    Anyway , If you could find time to tell me how/what to do to keep the 50 or so e-mails I get from appearing magically on my PC I would greatly appreciate it . Thanks ,Russ
  3. Schlott-
    Sorry about waiting so long is responding -I have all the time in the world but I may be homeless soon as the Govt. just cut off the low income housing voucher I was promised -you work for 30 years and then get hurt and it is over .
    I have lost everything already -now they want my last shred of dignity . I am living on under $700 a month . NEVER thought I would end up as one of T.S.Elliot's 'Hollow Men'' -But here I am . Headpiece full of straw alas...
  4. Russell,

    Would you be interested in managing part of the TWT news feed on the front of TWT ( going forward?

    I can teach you how to add the images pretty easily and I think you'd be a great addition to managing that part of the system.

    I am going to make a post looking for others, too, but I thought I'd reach out to you first.

    Let me know if you've got the time!

  5. Ha! You picked the wrong guy to ask.. I'd recommend asking Dart Shark or Fanforlife to get an accurate answer. Odds are if a team lost twice in a row they probably are done, but I really have no idea.
  6. Big S-ISU2008 said there would be a minimum of 3 matches at the Nat. duals -Wrong ?
  7. The matter as been resolved amiacably -just a question of getting everything coordinated -Thanks .
  8. I'd post on the fantasy forum. Zapp is the only decision maker for your league, I have no involvement in it aside from paying the winner at the end.
  9. Schlottke ,
    Hey-I have an important question :I made a trade in fantasy with SGallan -Howe for Halsey -I believe Scot to be an honorable man but he has yet to draft Halsey to finalize the trade -although I have alerted Zapp about the trade and posted it -I have also asked Zapp for a ruling -should I use Halsey ibn my next line up ? Zapp has not answered me and neither has Scot other than to say he wants to do the trade but doesn't know how to use the Waiver wire -I detailed instructions and still...I have had 2 other people approach me about Howe -funny how important you get win you knock off the #1 seed in the country . I have scraped and clawed my way back into contention -going from #10 to the top 5 in 2 weeks -I don't want to blow it now but I don't want to disrespect Mr. Gallan -if I don't wrestle Halsey this week I'll have lost up to 18 points -please advise . Again , I have reached out to Zapp with no results .
  10. Would you happen to know if Mario Mason will be wrestling varsity the next few weeks ? The Duals and the Cliff Keen ? Thanks.
  11. WADDUP ? Need an answer so who else to turn to ? When is pfficial wt. qualifications for NCAA Div. 1 ? I ask only because my 184 -Brenner WVA-says he is going down to 174 at least on theWVA site , his coach agrees and apparently he can hold the weight -i just need to know so I cvan find another 184 worth a darn. Thanks.
  12. Again, the concern is appreciated, but is completely unnecessary. For a more in depth look into my psyche, you can read the rest of the questions I plan on posting here:
  13. I'm good, thanks for asking. My corner of the Internet seems to be immune to the economic collapse, for now.
  14. He is too prolific to be trusted -i was always taught a writer may have 2-3 great books in him -King has litterally hundreds -he went from being unable to keep his phone bill paid as a New England teacher to a millionaire overnight -dark forces at play.
  15. I was a beer keg.. (the tap is the helmet)

    King writes some great stuff, "The Stand" and the "Dark Tower" series are both favorites of mine as well.
  16. Have to ask-in your halloween photo -are you the tin man or Devo on viagra ?
  17. Shawshank Redemption is the most TRUE prison movie ever -originally a short story by Steven king in a novella entitled 'different Seasons 'all 4 short stories in that one Novella were turned into major motion pictures -HOPE killls
  18. Relax a little -I just wanted to give you a heads up is all-I deleted that message as I do most-just be aware that she/ it is out there-she was selling knock off shoes I think-amazing how such an incredible creation as the internet is that someone would have the affrontary to use it in such a bad way -kinda like pissing on the Sistean-sp-chapel-I am not a Christian anymore yet one doesn't deface a thing of wonder -now stop fretting and go back to your real life -the one where you actually can touch the ones you love...
  19. What was she trying to sell? Shoes? (a lot of foreign spammers try selling shoes here because we rank highly for "wrestling shoes".)

    She mentioned TWT because she likely took your email directly from the front of the site.
  20. I'll try to find it but I may have deleted it -she specifically mentioned this site tho..
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