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  1. TF-
    I am using Matt Lester as my #1 149 now.He is available I think.
  2. TF-
    Sanjaa is taying at 149-I watched some old video of him and he (once totally acclimated to Folk Style) be a finalist this year . I am trying my best to get him. If not too late put him in your line up at Nat duals.
    Lister and Lester are killing me-Lister goes up in January ? Lester gets beat out-which is fine as I get his back up-Nelson-but now he is going down to beat his twin ? Leaving me w/out a 157. WE have no Waivers. I've helped about 6 guys out and one just made me a fair offer so I'll be ok-but really thought Lester/Nelson would AA .
  3. TF-
    Sanjaa is wrestling 49 at Nationals according to American's SID.
  4. TF-
    You can call the trade OFF as Sanjaa is not a 149 as promised.
  5. Hell, I don't know. Haynes can beat anyone in the country, save maybe Simaz, but he also gets nervous sometimes and it sucks his energy. If I were betting, I'd say he finishes 4th-8th at NCAA's. As for Toal, he has struggled a bit and is still learning. If Toal AA's it would surprise me, I see him more as a R12 guy THIS year. Next year he'll be tough as nails. Figures Sanjaa drops right after I give up Kennedy for him. Just my luck. Hopefully Schmitt will continue to surprise.
  6. TF-
    Good pick up as Accordino and Patrovich's injuries are SERIOUS-need some advice-Toal has not been setting the world afire-is he worth picking up in a 3 week trade for NAT DUALS ? Schav was Mizzou's unsung hero-he majored 2 tough guys in consis-that last major over Ballweg sealed the deal-I think .He is my 141 on out .
    Also-I am trying to pick up Haynes-how much is he worth ? Am offering #15 Mitchell and #9 Scheidel.-for Haynes and Fernandez. Last time I tried to get a top guy I paid too much-for Bosak I gave up Ihnen and Green for Bosak and Rader .
    I have a whole line up of real good guys and one great one -just need your opinion on Toal and Haynes. Thanks,
  7. TF-
    Dont let VAIS get to you-I've had him on ignore all year . You have a strong team and he is a bitch.
    Sanjaa is listed at 141 at Wilkes Barre . American's flight was scrubbed to Midlands.
  8. Thanks, I'm making him wait until after Midlands, tho
  9. Gold just asked me about that and I told him to do it .
  10. No, just the blog. I don't know how stuck he was, but I think the ref was trying to make up for the call against McCormick that infuriated our coaches. Also, I offered Kennedy for Sanjaa, straight up. If I can secure a top 10 149, I'll dump Sakaguchi and pick up Schavrien. Waters, Ruggs, Alton/Schavrien, Sanjaa/Accordino, Jenkins, Onufer/Abdurak, Amuch/Hendo, Ihnen/Larson, Haynes, Bradley. That's a pretty solid line-up.
  11. TF-
    Did you get to see IU's 141 or just reads the blog ? The kid has lost 5 matches on rookie mistakes-EMU he was dominating and then ahead 6-4 shot ?? with 10 seconds left and gave up a 5 pointer -then the defensive fall against Schav- had Brummley beat and gave up 2+2 at the buzzer and lost SV ? I wish he had a coach.
  12. Bekzod has a dual on the 21 st and then Midlands and 14 duals
  13. Good choice on SAK-he has beaten Chamberlain twice but been screwed out of it 2 x . formal protest was denied at CK-the kid is a special wrestler from Clovis and Tirapelle has invested a lot of time with him . Should win or be a finalist in Pac 10
  14. TF-
    Did you see where bekzod won the PSACS ? That takes his record to 14-2 this year . When Haynes becomes eligible you'll be a force to deal with . Waters doesn't do much but win does he ? With Young hurt and Goeres sick I might have to trade insread of wait for the supp-but I really want Schav at 41 -he looked great today .
    I had 3 149's so I traded Accordino for Ward at 97 .Accord scored 18 at CK.If you need a sleeper 49-Sakaguchi had Chamberlain beat -he is tough as nails and should win the pac 10.
  15. Drew
    If you give me your e-mail i'll try to figure out how to send you the e-mail from Harvard's might want to go to the waiver bin and find a 57 who'll be wrestling this week and a coupla weeks after the new year .
  16. Thanks, but I've got no one else at 157. I think I've got AA's at 25,33,49,57,65,74,84,Hwt. 41 and 97 are maybes. NC potential at 49,57,65,84.
  17. Just received an answer from Coach Weiss and JP will NOT wrestle the Midlands -thought I'd let you know .I took him off my line up . He is resting a knee and back injury but Weiss told me to bet my money on JP at Nationals .
  18. Askren has gotten me 6 frigging points !!
  19. That is why I rarely take guys jumping around in weight classes -the difference is enormous -look at Grey last year at 141 -if Bonano comes back from his injury -he had knee surgery ,comes back and 30 seconds into his first match rips a muscle in his arm .-but he is a stud who I KNOW is in the waiver bin .e-mail Shifflet-Hofstra's coach-he always responds to me and I am no one special .
  20. you're tellin me. He's done squat for me so far.
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