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  1. Ask Champ if he wants to play row chambeau-get Lewnes and give me Dwyer or threaten to kick him in the nuts -Cartman RULES !!! I loves CHEEZY POOFS
  2. Baker is a stud that's a hell-ah trade I'm workin on an ace in the hole
  3. I don't need anyone -I am going with what I have -the only problem is I have a 125 that is 35-5 -as of today-that is going bench bound in the NCAA's -you might need a backup when Angel's shoulder goes POP-so if you need him let me know .
    I made a decent trade today -got Baker and Caputo for Patterson . I don't think I have any champs but i should have 6-7 AA's and 9-10 conference champs .
  4. let me know if you want to do anything with Cleveland .
  5. Do you want Cleveland and Wise for Porter and Thorn ? After this week Cleveland wrestles VMI-who he has teched once -then the tourney which he will win -Wise wrestles Michigan and MSU-after watching the match with Erekson I thought wise might do something -then he laid on his belly while fat boy Massey cranked on him 4-0 but Wise never stood a chance -if seeded right he'll get 3rd in the big 10 -Thorn -4th tops .
  6. If I get you Russell it will cost me 2 wrestlers brown and Honeycutt -would you part with Dwyer and James for Russell and whoever ? Probably Saf from Minny .
  7. How about Cleveland and Brown 165 ODU-for Dwyer and Thorn ? cody is 19-4 ,going to win the SoCon ,and an AA from last year -Brown has wins over Marable and 21 other people and will win the CAA like he did last year .Then I plan to dangle Thorn in front of a Minny freak , the guys who KNOW NESS is the best 33 and SANDERS is the best 125 and THORN is God's second son .....I ain't gonna wrestle him or trade him just piss off Minnesota .
  8. I picked Brown from ODU for Bebee -he has beaten Stewart 2 of 3 and has beaten Marable -I'll wrestle Stewart in the MAC and then throw Brown out for the NCAA's -everyone says I'm crazy for using Hall as my flex at 57 but I've been coaching for 30 years and I know enough to put your best out there -I have Poeta and Hall Brown is streaky enough to AA, I think both Hall and Poeta AA Wise can wrestle with any heavy in the country and Herbst and Patterson can too.
    I could care less about winning after my start -but I'm in 5th now -21 points behind Mateater -if I make the top 4 I'm happy . this will be a bad week with only 17 matches -then next week I'm back up to 24 -all winnable .I figure I have 9 conference champions -unsure of Herbst and Wise .
  9. My plan is to flex Mitcheff and wrestle Gomez, I believe at NCAA's he has a fantastic shot at winning. That being said I think the big ten tourney at 133 will be harder than the Ncaa tourney
  10. That would be perfect as you could use James as your flex at 174 . Between Browne and James one of them -if not both-could get to the podium .
  11. You still need a 125 -I hate to see one of mine go to waste when you are in need -look at my roster and see what you think-Monterio only has like 1 match left but Porter will carry you through -all that ugly lil fxxer does is win .he has about 7-8 matches left .I could give you Sentes 125 for Gomez-you aren't going to use him anyway .
  12. Barnes' ranking is political -WE did the same thing a little over a hundred years ago but because he's from south Africa he's ranked 18th .With a 30-4 record and about to set the tech fall record at Oregon State -I watched his last match and it is geting so bad out west that guys are stalling and diving on the mat rather than get taken down to their backs -only been wrestling folkstyle 3 years -that is how Ptax beat him -stalled the whole first then tilted him 5 times -Barnes has more majors ,techs and falls than decisions . I really don't want to waste one of my 125 pounders but ...I realy don't know which one to wrestle in the NCAA's -Sentes is the best bet but then Garnett majored him -took me by surprise there Garnett is 35 -5 .
  13. Barnes was an awesome pick up, I'd stay with Stewart no one else in the MAC and to challenge him
  14. RD-I started at 9th and after last weeks 91 points I should be in 5th -considering I had no waivers and 1/3 of my team quit or redshirted my goal was to make the top 5 -through study of the boards and upcoming matches and making stupid -seemingly-trades , i have accomplished that -I picked up Barnes at 149 just for this weekend -last weekend -and he got me 17 points . I just hate to have to sit one of my 125 lbers -but I am going with Hall and Poeta at 57 .
  15. I also picked up Conner Beebe in the same trade -I'm gonna try and get Hochstrasser or Kennedy -I like Kennedy a lot more than Ness -basically because I hate all these Minny folk-you think Manuel is an improvement ? Or just stay with Stewart ?
  16. Big tens at 33 is gonna be a bitch that's why I have Mitcheff I'm keeping a hold of in the Mac who will more than likely be my flex. Bell is the better choice 4 league but I'd be a little nervous at NCAA time
  17. Sorry to bother you again but I can get Luke Manuel cheap but even he has to be disappointed in the year he's having . I truly respect your opinion -what do you think of the trade I made getting rid of Ness -Bell is ranked 8th and should walk through the ACC like last year . Then get a better seed -I see Ness getting 3rd in the big 10 at best . Then draw Hochstrasser in the first round then die in the loser's bracket .
    Please advise me on the next best 65 available -Sponsellor and M* and Reader and Howe are untouchable.Thanks so much .
  18. I'm willig to take the chance on Dwyer -Sentes I can almost guarantee will win the MAC and AA-he had Falck beat and he has split with Nicholson . You said you wanted a good 125 -he's as good as you'll find .
  19. Yea -Vallimont punked out -Really surprised me -almost as much as BANBASKETBALL saying he could win it all at 165 . Have any of these assholes ever wrestled ? I tried to give Adam Hall to Champ for Lewnes yet he says no -I'll be fine point wise with Stewart I just wanted an AA at 165 -I'lm going to flex Hall so I'll have Poeta and Hall there -
    I appreciate your candor and prompt reply . Thanks .
  20. I just am not convinced Vallimont can return to any type of realistic AA at 65. Best case scenerio I see him getting 4th or 5th at bigtens and about a 15% chance of him on the NCAA podium. Dwyer would really have to have a shitty draw to not AA although it's possible he slips to 3rd in the b12's I just don't know I won't keep you hangin past 2morrow
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