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  1. Payton, sorry, somehow just realized I had a message from 5 months ago. My memory may be a little off so some of this may be inaccurate. But to answer your question about Midlands. Yes, when I saw a bunch of the Mizzou wrestlers have early losses such as McCormick, Haynes, Schavrien, K. Bradley, Larson, I was thinking that they could put up a lot of bonus points in the wrestlebacks and I figured they would climb up the leaderboard. I still wasn't thinking championship, but I was very excited for the second day of wrestling to start. I knew they had a lot of very good wrestlers, but not necessarily elite. Truly a great moment in MIZZOU wrestling.

    Same thing at NCAA's in the wrestlebacks. They had a very good wrestleback round, just weren't quite there as far contending for AA honors. Obviously, Shcav and Bradley not included.

    I know your post was from a long time ago, but I didn't want to seem like a prick by not responding.
  2. NN,
    I traded for Todd Schav as I think he AA's this year-w/out his 2 majors over good kids in Midlands wrestle backs Mizzou no win Midlands-your thoughts ?-typing one handed -not an IDIOT
  3. I received an e-mail from Cornell's SID and he said he thought Kerber was wrestling but had thought that for a month. It was nice of him to e-mail me but basically he said who the Hell knows .
  4. As far as I can see there is nothing special about Kent's schedule and Mitcheff is way overrated -Sentes will stick him ,Smith from Buffalo had him last time,Clair /Novak from EMU may beat him as may Deshazer -I really want Sentes or Bell. But I need them this weekend -I have Kerber and he is killing me !! Vallimont is clearly better than the kid from Bloomsburg-But that's ok-maybe later . But Val is top 10-I don't see one on your team unless Kerber finally wrestles .Shmeylun is NOT a rd. of 12 guy .
  5. I almost offered that a few minutes ago. Then I saw Kent St's schedule. I'm going to have to figure wtf is up with Kerber. Then maybe I can do something, but I don't want to end up with three 165 Round of 12ers on my team.
  6. Nell-
    If you want a 165 I'l trade you Vallimont for Mitcheff 133 .
  7. NN-
    If you are interested in trading -let me know as I have taken over Cheetah's team ..
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