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  1. John,
    I just spent 3 days doing my draft and Gold was supposed to get me a calling card through Google -which I do not have -and I am volunteering to draft for a player and I still have a rash on my ass from the last 3 days -I apologize for being Snippish but my nerves are frayed and I am doing a commisioners job without access to the equipment .
    Good luck -I did put you down for Metbull 2 days ago .
  2. I havnt thought about it much yet but was thinking it was a bit of a no brainer. Varner is tough as nails but doesnt always wrestle with the same urgency that Metcalf does. Maybe I'll take Trent Washington with the first pick.
  3. I got the #1 pick also-I thought about it and weighed optionds then came to my senses and chose Metcalf . Varner just doesn't put up the bonus Metcalf does .
  4. The coach e-mailed me and he is OLD SCHOOL -you are on scholarship at that weight and are hurt or miss that match you get the loss -Armstrong was a decent 133 and lost 12-6 to this kid and this guy was unbeaten in the So. Con .-pinning 4 of 5 guys in duals . Might be a nice name to remember at seasons end when you are looking for a stud -a la Washington -to get you those valuable tourney points.
  5. Never heard of him. My expertise ends with the Big Ten and Big 12. Plus a few other teams like Cornell, ASU, Oregon, BSU, UNI etc...App St is way off my radar. Sounds like a sleeper pick but I have to wonder why he had so many forfiets. Was he hurt alot? For him to get the loss on a FF means that he had to at least try to wrestle the match. Gives me a little concern.
  6. Just playing around the other day and I found a strnge kid -a 133 from App. State . He had some quality wins and loss a few close matches -i.e.-4-0 to Ruggerelo, 6-3 to Deubel -he beat Armstong 12-6 -had 20 losses but 9 were ffts.
    This kid won the So con. and may be a sleeper in a deep ass weight class -do you know anything about him ? Names Frank Celorrio .
  7. I like the Minnesota/Iowa rivalry. Recently it's been more fun than the Iowa/Iowa State rivalry. Iowa State has been good but in the back of your mind you know that they are still the Cyclones and will lose when the pressure is on. Although I hate to lose to them it is what our rivalry with Minnesota needed. I could only hate them more if they were Okie St.
  8. When I first discovered this site I thought the head guy was from Minnesota -being from Indiana they hated me as Ness lost to Angel 3-4 times that year .And I let them know it !!
    Last year at the big 10's iU matched up 3 times against Minny and won all 3 -I had a field day .Coughlin beat Saf and Esco beat Ness and our former 197 lber -Fagiano -knocked their guy out of the tournament . THAT was a good day .
  9. I wouldnt pick Jantzen if he and Jesse Sundell were the last two left. He really screwed me over last year with being hurt all the time and never wrestling! Still a little bitter about it.

    Those Minnesota guys are gonna be good and probably this year...But not as good as the homers on this site want you to think. They arent going to beat Iowa and its not going to be a two point dual either.
  10. John ,
    when Fantasy season starts I will put you down for Jantzen as your #1 pick -followed by Shlattner and Mario Mason .
  11. Russ, I'm not seeing much time in the near future for me to be commish of a league like this. With work and starting a family I forsee this being a pretty hectic year for me. I think you would make a great commish though. You are always on top of mistakes and I think you have alot of good ideas to make the league fun but not too complicated. I hope you will consider doing it. I am looking forward to doing this again next year.
  12. John ,
    thanks for making the season fun -sorry about your guys wresting like fags at the tourney -at least my IVY league prick AA'd for me -Zapp resigned so why not take over as commich ? I could help you and we could run a tght ship-you miss one line up turn in and you get last weeks roster's points -second time you get dick -allow trades but no pawn offs .
  13. Yea
    these new fangeled machines give me hell, too.
  14. I'm good. I'm gonna stick with Anderson. It's his last show and I might be a little bias toward him since I watched him a few times in high school but He's gonna score me some points. I was just a little ticked that I couldnt get my whole post up there that spent so much time on.
  15. Hey John ,
    You OK ? your abbreviated post did not sound like you were happy with the draw . Cam simaz is going to be my first 197 picked next year . When Arnone got hurt they tore off his redshirt and he has been kicking ass ever since -I can try to find you another 197 if you want -we only have until the end of the day to finalize line ups .
  16. John ,
    The only thing that may stop you from winning is your 197 -I don't see him making the rd of 12 .You might want to check around and see if there is a better one to be had .
  17. It is official-check with Zapp or look under final team scores -you are the wild card . Congratulations !!!
  18. Hope your right. Sure would be fun to do this for nationals!
  19. After checking all the wrestle backs and true seconds and BLAH-YOU -261 SG-255
  20. John ,
    I have you with 251 points with Leen still wrestling -he has 14 in the bank + the finals .
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