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  1. Brandvold is in the WAIVER bin.He is only out for a week or soand he's ranked in the top 10.
  2. Yeah, I dont' know what his deal is. He's right on the verge of being a former member of my team.
  3. Herk-
    did you see where Casperson lost to Chad Hanke of Oregon State ? It was at the SOU open-I'm guessing Southern Oregon University .apparently the rust is coming off very slowly as Hanke is not that good.
  4. John -
    Go to intermat and hit results ,then college -you are on the score book-check under the teams name -usually the home team's -and the rsults should pop up-if they don't have it or have it wrong -which is usually the case -go to Div1 -hit links and go to your wrestlers home page -they have the results usually with in 24 -48 hours .
    Keeping score is a pain in the ass. Last year Zapp was wrong more than right so I double checked all mine and my friends .Russ
  5. Should be a good early season test for Kubec. I knew he would take some lumps when I drafted him but I also know that he will give some out as well.
  6. John-
    Tough week for Kelly at 33 . We'll see how much he has improved -he was the last person to beat Mangrum in high School and Mangrum has beaten Graff -so it should be interesting .
  7. Herk,
    Thanks for backing Thaxton up-Acc doesn't have a home computer and I posted for him and Gold told me to stop posting so I did . i assumed he meant everyone -thaxton's last e-mail came from San Diego so at least he is alive , just in transition . And he has 7-8 guys in tournaments this week . Gold knows ACC uses the schools computer but he'll survive -I thanked Gold for letting me help but I am through if I F up this man's chances through no fault of my own .Good luck ,John .Russ
  8. HWT. is hit-the best left would be Bordas from Rider -he pins a lot of people and Wrestles around 35 matches -won the CAA tournament last year . This kid from Kent State -Barlow is damn good as he wrestled behind Porter last year -huge kid with skills .
  9. Yeah he lost but he will still probably be the HWT for Iowa when it all washes out. I need to start looking for another HWT to cover my ass but havnt had time yet. Any suggestions?
  10. John -
    Did Rasing lose his wrestle off ?
  11. I don't mind doing the work -but after I asked everyone to just put down guys they knew were wrestling LoSt came on and said to put everyone down and Gold went along with that So I am not keeping score -I'll tally scores for friends but not 132 scores a week when 1/2 of them aren't wrestling -you still have to look up the results even if no one wrestled and THAT is very time consuming .
  12. Just Kirk Smith and Casperson. Smith had a TF5. I was just curious to see the standings. I can wait til Gold gets them out. It's early and it is probably alot of work.
  13. You scored 5 points . Smith had a tech but Casperson lost.
  14. who wrestled for you John ? I can tally your score pretty quick.
  15. Ward did get beat by Curan. Curan is pretty good but has been hurt most of his career so far. I'm not suprised that Ward lost to him. Jerome is strong but I'm not sure he's such a great wrestler.

    I'm not sure why long didnt wrestle other than he is being disciplined for hip tossing a couple of police officers outside a bar when they were arresting him for starting fights inside and having a fake id.

    I agree that Askren can be better at 184 but he aint beating Keddy!
  16. Herk-
    Like I said , it's a rumor board but about 90% accurate . 1/2 the guys over here have so much inside knowledge it is not funny -Casperson got beat by I think, that JUCO kid who is supposedly all-world but can't make grades to get in to a full college .Kinda like Deron Winn was for a few years . i'm glad Smith is wrestling -I had to trade for a good 184 -I traded away Gallick and his weak schedule for Askren and Ciasulli-Ciasulli was the guy who beat that Harvard kid for the EIWA championship . I think Askren can win it all at 184 .
    I am happy that Smith is wrestling . but with Boise state's weak schedule you'll need to have a back up-Ward got beat in wrestle -offs and Long didn't even wrestle .
  17. Smith wrestled this weekend and go a TF. Casperson got beat though which is suprising.
  18. Herk,
    There is a thread over in JensenS' league about who we know not to take and Smith's name is on it as he is apparently injured or red shirting -they KNOW he is hurt and won't wrestle for awhile -not sure about the RS .Russ
  19. John,
    Thanks for the input . I have Gallick and Trevor Melde but am weak at 97 -actually ,Starks has won his last 16 matches -including a beating he put on Simaz -but got hurt in the EIWA semis and had to miss the NCAA's . He was ranked as high as 9th last year and is 9th,15th, and 18th in the polls now .Although Earl has him #1 over Simaz in the conferences since Simaz has never beaten him -if you get bored sometime Melde can be seen at the Adam Frey fund raiser at Flo where he beats Conroy . At the 4:00 minute mark watch the shuck Melde atempts-he damn near ends up on his back yet is mean enough to get the TD to win it anyway .24-10 and they pulled his redshirt so they could win a dual -Next year Rutgers is a top 15 team .Russ
  20. Russ, right now, Slaton is out until second semester. It is between LeClere and Marion. I've heard that Marion is giving LeClere all he can handle and then some. But LeClere is the guy that shows up ready to go every time and keeps his nose clean. Marion has had his off the mat problems. LeClere deserves the spot based on that, but maybe Marion has worked his way back into the good graces of the coaches. I really don't know. Iowa's wrestle offs do mean some but they arent the ultimate deciding factor. It's a combination of many things that only the coaches really know, so I guess it all comes down to what Brands wants. Youll probably want to hold off until after the wrestle offs, the IC duals and some open tournaments if you are waiting to find out who the starter will be, and then go through it all over again after Christmas when Slaton returns.
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