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  1. Russ, where exactly did you put these scores? I cant find them.
  2. HERK-
    Check your scores -I placed then on your line up for last week /russ
  3. I really think Jones should have gained 10 pounds a year the last 2 years and been at HWT.-he has trouble making 211 in the summer -hwt is mostly useless fat asses pushing on each other -Look how well Marone did when he went up-Jones at 235 with his technique ?Unstoppable .
  4. I was really hoping for more points from Marion and especially Jones, but thats how it goes. Just hope I had a good enough week to stay in the top half.
  5. I scored 248 using 2 back ups-157 and 197 .I really wish you'd picked up Fittery , but hell ,you should be in first by now . Great job Herk !
  6. The next 184 pounder left is Jerome Ward and there is no way in hell I am picking him up and dropping Mangrum or Novochkov. Ward isnt worth risking giving one of them up and I'm not letting go of any of my Hawks until 141 is ironed out.
  7. Herk-,
    This is why I suggested Fittery to you as Pami has 2 matches and Fittery -with JP not wrestling -is the #1 seed at Midlands -if he should make the fianls -and he should -he'll score 30 points as this is a bonus tourney. Go find an 84 somewhere for one week - top 15 guy should win 3-4 matches . Then toss him away or keep him -depending on how things work at Iowa at 141 .Everyone could use an extra 20 -40 points .
  8. I posted a LONG time ago that Boise has rarely sent more than 2-3 starters to RENO-I counted 4 starters and 6 over -all . The coach just doesn't think it is worth the risk !! And people wonder why our sport is dying ? As a coach I looked for the toughest comp-Was always at our AD's throat to get more matches in tougher conferences -and I sure as hell never had a kid tell ME when he was wrestling -as TNICK apparently does Koll-that shit pisses me off too.
  9. Thanks Russ, I'll change it. What is the deal with Boise? I havnt had a chance to check other wrestlers but Smith didnt wrestle at RTOC. Kinda pissed me off.
  10. Herk
    you have a score 15-5 as a tech -(5) when it is a major (4) for Pami the second time he wrestled the same kid .-just a heads up
  11. Just a heads up-
  12. If he offers me something I'll take a look at it but at this point with the logjam that I have at 141 I don' thave much to trade. I like my current roster anyway.
  13. Herk,
    VAIS has Beatty up for trade -I know you'll want him but temper your enthusiasm and don't let him take advantage of your Iowa passion .russ
  14. Sounds like 24 .
  15. Yeah I've got Mangrum in as my 141 and Kubec in as a flex.
  16. Herk -
    did you put Mangrum and Kubec in the 18th against Air Force and S.Oregon ?
  17. I agree -the only problem with going with slaton is he may not get seeded and draw a stud right away -which doesn't matter as you and I both know you have to beat the best eventually . Only in Fantasy would this make a difference as the points come into play . Gold dropped Mangrum then Mangrum beat McLemore and Adams .
  18. Thanks Russ. I'm pretty positive that I have my score right. That's why I asked for a clarification from Gold.

    I like Mangrum but if Slaton has any chance at being the 141lber for Iowa he's got to do very well at Midlands, and you know he's got the talent to win the whole thing. At this point I am leaning towards him as my flex.
  19. Herk
    I told Gold I'd help but only the guys who post like you do-I am not looking up all those scores just to find out 1/3 are BS -and I don't want to ask everyone via our conversation about how it helps you get a better feel for your team .
    I came up with the same score you did .
  20. Mangrum has wrestled all over the world and might handle the situation better but i'd go with Marion and Slatonas your flex .
    I traded my 141 and a draft pick for Askren -I hate Askren but 141 the rankings got me so pised I said F it -Intermat has 2-4 -Gallick,Parks and Bailey -BS.
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