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  1. I'm gonna hafta decline. I'm not really interested in getting rid of Luke or Burk at this time.
  2. I have a 33 pounder from Iowa I'll trade you for Luke or Burke -or a good freshman backup 65 lber in Andrew Howe for Burke or Luke .
  3. Fxx him -a man has to have priorities .Robles had Angel beat last year -it is weird wrestling a one-legged kid -messes with your head a bit .
  4. I know, it's gonna be a tough match. Robles is big. I cant wait. I thought these duals were on Sat so I didnt bother getting the day off. Wonder what my boss will think when I slip out at noon tomorrow to make the ASU dual at 3:30. So excited to watch some wrasslin!
  5. Herkey-1 -Charlie has a big test right out of the gate Robles upper body looks like a 157 lber . Good luck .
  6. I don't have any inside information but I think you would be suprised to see what kind of money the top guys arent getting in scholarships. It is beggining to become known within the Iowa wrestling community that alot of the guys are turning down or getting money elsewhere (camps etc...) so that we can get some of the other guys. Brands does not give out full rides. And when you are getting kids like Grant Gambrall and Nate Moore right from your backyard I doubt you have to throw very much money at them.
  7. Brands wasn't my childhood idol as was Gable and I don't remember him acting w/out decorum as Brands is want to do .
    Also his record as a coach in an era when kids were turning down scholarships just to learn from him are gone.
  8. I don't agree with that. How could you not like Brands if you are a big Gable fan? They are the same person. I'm not sure that Brands promised to stay at VT for a long time. Did they really expect him to stay if the Iowa job opened up. I mean com on...Really. I'm not even going to get started on what VT did to those five wrestlers that transfered. That's a rant way too long. I am interested in the other controversies that Brands has been involved in though. Please enlighten me.
  9. Nah West Virginia or whomever were just being assholes with Metcalf cause Brands had promised he'd stay there and coach forever . I guess thinks got nasty between Brands and the University so they took it out on Metcalf .
    I was Dan Gable's bigest fan but Brands is a different story .He seems to cause controversy whereever he goes .
  10. Do you think NC St will make a big fuss about it and threaten to make him lose a year of eligibility? Sounds like it could get nasty between him and the coach if he pushes the football angle.
  11. he wasn't stuck but most refs will call it once you get locked up like that . Damn that Caldwell was big.
  12. He was put in a spladle and if you watch it on youtube you will clearly see that he was not pinned. But he shouldnt have been in that situation to begin with.
  13. If you go to D1 college wrestling they tell the individual results of all major wrestlers , and, unless they are lying Caldwell indeed stuck Metcalf . I don't know if Metcalf got caught in a Headlock but he surely did get stuck .
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