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  1. Grajales is not a senior, I think he let a senior wrestle in his place since the meets were in hand by the time his match rolled around. He must feel comfortable that barring anything crazy he is going to be the #1 or #2 seed for conferences.
  2. I had Grajales for a minute then I saw that he didn't wrestle senior night so if he's dinged they won't wrestle him until conferences -stayed with Brown from CMU-why would you NOT wrestle SENIOR night ?
  3. yea -I went ahead and used Chris Brown too -I traded for him -might as well use him -I traded for Glasser just for last weekend -that worked out ok-Really , Powless should be at 174 but can't beat Perry so he won the wrestle off at 84 and dumbass Goldman wrestles him at 97-the kid is 18 and wrestling 2 weights over his head and is 17-9/-3-1 in the big 10-I used to be a hoosier fan and I never thought he'd win a match in the big 10. He gave Todd fits the week before; 9-5 is respectable .
  4. yeah, those v-tech guys have been lights out...
  5. GF-just wanted to compliment you on your smart play of picking up Yates and his 1200000 matches -he won't do shit in the tourney w/out a good draw but he is racking up points for you -I traded fat ass -MASSEY-for Garnett and everyone thought I was crazy -which may be true -but I can get a fat heavy anywhere -where can I get a little asskicker with a slight chance to AA-more than slight after majoring Sentes -scored me 13 this week -
    Well played sir .
  6. I think Hall got a forfeit from Northwestern today for some reason. He walked out and got his hand held up.

    Dennis was beating Aleksayan like 4-0 last I saw.

    A four point tech fall is when there are no back points given, only takedowns, escapes and reversals. If not back points then only give 4 team points.
  7. GF-did you happen to catch the Hall/Valimont score ? The notebook skips that weight -also Dennis /Nebraska score -? What is a 4 point tech fall ?
  8. i don't have Trotman but I know he got picked up in our supplemental draft a few weeks back...go back through the draft and you will find out who got him...
  9. Gopherfan,
    Are you the person in JenenS' fantasy league who has Austin Trotman ? I was just wondering because the guy is killing me-he skipped the Scuffle and the Lonestar duals -after he lost at Reno he med fft'ed out and has not been seen since -he missed about 8 easy wins as his backup won 6 and barely lost a couple -I scored at every weight but 74 -Trotman-and 57 -Kinser -who knows if Kinser's gonna wrestle but Trotman was my surprise 74 lber -he's history now -as am I , fantasy speaking -I have an outside shot but Trotman really hurt me -do you know what happened to him ?
  10. Stay strong my brother...
  11. I would if I could ; this being on disabilty sucks Donkey -never been so bored in my life and now it's looking like it may be permanent-since I'll never raise my right arm overhead again or lift more than a pound or two-trying to get something at home but all these rehab places offer is stuffing envelopes -F that -i'll rob banks first -the guy across the hall works the phones for Amvets and makes about 45 bucks a month-I aask him why bother ? and he says it alleviates the boredom-I say it bugs the hell out of me when people phone solicit me and no way would I do that --rather go back to writing term papers for college kids .
  12. I would tell you to get a job but I am on here as much or more than you.
  13. No problem -I remembered someone had asked about that so I loked it up-their going to be really tough in a year or two-they start three true freshman -especially that 149 lber -plus Deutsch from Indiana -got 2nd twice in Indiana ,once at 160 to Coughlin and once to Paul Young -he is a horse -dropped down from 174 .
  14. Really? I thought McLemore had actually been beaten out by Castillo as well as being injured....thanks for the update.
  15. Northern Ilinois is wrestling today and their web page says McLemore has been hurt and will be back in the starting line-up today -their 149 lber -Zimmerman is still unbeaten ..
  16. Brenar has dropped down to 174 for WVA , that's why I was trying to lose Lucas -I don't know what Litton is going to do -Brennar is 5-1 since dropping down .
  17. Disregard, you are in Zapps league, I am in Jensens. My bad.
  18. I have Chance Litton at 184 if you want to trade him for Alton Lucas at 174. Litton is Brenner's teammate at WVU I think and has a strong chance at being the conference champ since there is no one else even close to him in that conference. Just a proposal.
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