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  1. Your going to be right up LoSt's ass. Trust me. I am not thrilled about our trade but I think I had to make it. I need some warm bodies. I may still go get Everhart and then use him or Zabriskie as trade bait. Then go back with pick #15 or #16 and improve at 125. Ward is going to be a conference finalist against Askren in my opinion so I can get some bonus points with him but I may go get someone out there to back him up as well. The person who is going to have to step up for me is Galante. There isn't much talent out there at 165 to draft.
  2. Goph -I was looking back to when we first traded -that was 20 days ago-so since neither guy is wrestling until the midlands it should be ok -that 3 week thing and all-GAGE offered you Kjar for Triggas -if Monty says yes -take it .
    Notte is not as good as Kjar and 'K' is a conference finalist -and I think he takes Martinez next time where Notte can't make weight 2 days consecutively . He had trouble with 33 last year -plus he has gotten his ass handed 2 him a couple of times since his #9 ranking . Worth a shot and you get value out of Triggas -Kjar has that deformity but is a walking muscle .
  3. Goph-I am pretty sure I have 509 points after last week .Where do you think that will place me ? I have 10 matches this week -hopefully I'll go 8-2 or 9-1 .
  4. Done . You want to post it or me ??
  5. He also split matches with Parks earlier and won't be on many people's radar -.
  6. Alright brother Russ, here is how I see it. You are pretty solid everywhere but 184. I have the best kind of help there in Askren. You probably can't get a better 184 than him. I think you either need to consider Ciasulli and your 2nd round supplemental. Thats the best I can do. Your second round supplemental is as good as a first round supplemental and I am going to have a BIG hole to fill at 184 once I give you Askren.
  7. He's the guy that pinned Rader I think this weekend.
  8. Cody farinella would be a good pick up.
  9. Thats lunacy. Just know that whatever life god is giving us, there is a purpose. There are days when I struggle with it all but I don't want regrets so its good that you went to see her.
  10. Just got home -blower motor on my heater konked out so I had to pull into Aotozone -the lady came out and hit it with a hammer and it came back on-I could not see from the glare -my sister is plugged inot a machine so I teurned and left -my brother in law asked me for some Valium -like he gives a fuck-he let her drink herself to death and they are divorced but rather than have my sister lose her house he let her move back in with him-enabling her to drink and party and rent her house out since she can't do both -party and pay bills -GUESS who is the beneficiary of her life insurance and will ?? My older sister is flying back in from San Francisco-she went out there to visit my nephew -the leather clad incredibly gay boy .
    I don't consider any of them family as DFC split us up when I was 3-4 years old -Cindy stabbed me when I came home from college for xmas one year -that is why I don't go to family gatherings -she used to eat qualudes by the handful and apologize the next day -
  11. Wow, alright, and I thought I had stress in MY life. Unreal. Yes, Jensens too is an enabler. Hang in there Russ.
  12. I gotta run as my drunken kid sister is in the hospital-she broke her shoulder and had surgery and has been taking Percocet,Vicodin,xanax and drinking and slipped into a coma -all my life I 've heard my mom ( a paranoid schizo) should not have had kids -I agree . my little sister used to be so pretty and now at 48 she is bald and a drug adddict and been in rehab 20 times and now she is going to die .
    I told her not to mix all those meds -the Dr told her 2 years agom to stop drinking or she would not see 50 but she can't -that is why I hate enablers -if just once someonebesides me would have slapped her and poured her beers out -she keeps them hidden around the house and goes to 4-5 quack dr.s and stays loaded on pills .
    If just once JensenS would say no to LoSt -I gotta go.
  13. e-mail me if you want to exchange first round supplementals in exchange for Ciasulli. i think getting Everhart certainly makes that worth it.
  14. My problem is that I have needs where you are really strong. I need a 25 and a 41 for sure. I can live with Galante, I think he has his best wrestling ahead of him. If we switch first round picks can I have Ciasulli? That gives you the #1 or #2 instead of the #13 or #14. That has to give you value. Then you pick up Everhart and I try to get somebody different at the end of the draft to fill a second hole. I would be willing to do that.
  15. Ok-no problem
  16. Okay, other than those guys I don't really see anyone on that team that is a significant upgrade for me that I can't draft.
  17. Esco/Ness/??/Metcalf /O'conner ,Lapotsky ?? are my best guys .
  18. no-Seth is going to AA, IMO, and his losses have been to top guys .
  19. Do you want to do #13 Ward for #14 Ciasulli?
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