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    I hope Ness does, too. Don't tell Hawkeye fans.
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    Humphrey has got to be cutting almost as much weight as Jaggers, though. I imagine he will love bumping up to 141 next year.
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    Jaggers is absolutely cutting too much weight. He is about 6 inches taller than Palmer who wrestlers 8 pounds heavier. Granted, they have very different builds, but the point stands. With that said, the Big 10 season should let me get a good gauge of how Jaggers will do. At the very least, he is still a solid AA contender--but then so are a lot of people at 141.
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    I took your advice and picked up Joey Fio. Is he who you're talking about? I'm pleased to have him, but I really like Sentes. I sent tigerfan a message about him a while back but he never responded. Oh well...

    I'm still looking to upgrade at 157, and I'm always open to reasonable deals at other weight classes too (especially 125). I've got top 7 talent at every weight class except those two (and 141, but I still have confidence in Jaggers--and Sulzer is a nice spare).
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    Thanks for finding that out; I really appreciate it and was starting to be a bit afraid--especially now that I saw a rumor that Chriswell might have suffered a back injury in his match with Herbst.

    It's cool that his coach would write back with a candid response like that...
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    I may be interested in that, but you seem to have a lot of biters.
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    Teams get anywhere from 3-5 matches depending on how they schedule their conference duals. Since the conference footprint stretches from Massachusetts to Virginia, it's a place where teams get into a central location and match up.

    I sent Mark Weader at George Mason a note. It's a rotation thing, but not everyone wrestles everyone. For example, ODU's already wrestled George Mason in conference and has a separate dual with Rider. I'd expect ODU, for example, to wrestle 3-4 matches.
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    I feel like I've got a pretty solid lineup but am struggling to gain ground. The Midlands was a miserable tournament for my team. Falck and Burk got hurt, Jantzen loses and defaults. LeClere is the returning champ and doesnt place. Fay loses as the one seed. And Leen didnt wrestle in the Scuffle. My team is full of Big ten and Big twelve guys aside from the UNI guys two others. I am hoping to make up ground during the confrence season.
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    I am probably going to pick up that Banano kid though... There's no sense wasting some of my free agency things..
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    Winston isn't really good enough. I'm looking for a top 10 guy--especially if I'm trading one of my top 10 197s (Chriswell was there before they dropped him from the rankings). As it is, Johnstone is actually ranked higher than Winston, and that's probably pretty accurate...
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    OK I am putting Nickerson in at 25. I need a good 197 to put in today whats up?
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    I'm ready to help us both out. Whats the first move?
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    I had a terrible week and I'm going to lose my #1 spot but thats how these things go
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    haha dude its just a game calm down...

    Im competitive too but if it gets you that worked up maybe you shouldnt play.

    I was pissed about Hasley not wrestling too but I'm sure there is a good reason for it and we arent in any position to judge him.
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    I did a little reading on him before before I traded you for him. It will be interesting to see who wins the PAC10--him or Halsey. The only thing that concerns me about him is that he is just now starting his season, and there isn't a ton of time for him to spend having ups and downs.
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    I do, but I don't want to give up on Ness either, lol. He's my favorite NCAA wrestler after Metcalf. I'm thinking about it...
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    By the way it's kind of lucky that I was able to respond by 11 because I was away for a good while and it would have been wrong to assume I wasn't interested...
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    Halsey is ranked lower than Byers per Intermat. But yes he beat him in a tournament.

    I don't think you can come through on your promise to give me Clark if you don't make the top 6 because I imagine there has to be a trade deadline around that time. Otherwise, people who didn't make the top 6 could just feed all their wrestlers to who they want, which really isn't fair.

    Also, I am only in 5th place myself right now--so I'm far from a lock for top 6 and need all the points I can get, too.

    With that said, I will trade you Byers for Halsey (albeit against my intuition) because it's not that big of a deal--this is a fantasy league in which I have nothing at stake. Also, you have been very pleasant (and fair) to deal with so far and I also enjoy your insight.

    So there you go--It's a done deal, Byers for Halsey.
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    It's not really your fault and no big deal. My kid got hurt pretty bad at a wrestling tournment (she will be okay but is out for six months), so three days at a hospital, no sleep, and all that emotional stress stuff, had me pretty much a basket case.
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    LOL! Forfeit eh? Yeah, I can see that as a viable option managing J's matches!!
    As far as us crossing paths, I think I only competed in Indiana one time, at the 1987(?) freestyle World Team Trials in Bloomington. I wrestled Baumgartner in the finals. My first match was noticable in that I threw Bruce in a judo arm toss that brought the crowd to its feet! I think I just made him mad however, and he pounded me for the rest of that match and the next making me happy to place 2nd! It was still fun however, as my friend and roommate Dan Severin, and my best friend James Johnson, both took 2nd as well, so we all made the Pan Am team. We had a nice camp at IU for about a week after the trials. Perhaps you were around at either of those events.
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I joined this site while recuperating from surgeries . i love this forum and really don't care about the recovery that much anymore .
I am really happy about the # of friends I've met and am amazed by the wrestling knowledge every one possesses .
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Our team was ranked #1 in the State my junior and senior years .
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won an academic ride to IU
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I had an 89 mph fastball -baseball coach refused to let me wrestle in the summer .
Wrestled AAU in Jr.high-3rd in state at 163 freestyle


You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.


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