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    I hope that trade works out for you -I watched Rosholt literally pick Fernandez up and lay him down and stick him at the VaDuals-that was BOY vs MAN.russ
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    I am giving my last pick-which I saved for a surprise guy-but Goph needed a 65 so I am picking up WRESTLER X for Steele -I just do Not think Steele has recovered or will wrestle this year -oh well-said i would , So I shall.
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    Do you need me to be PINKY to your BRAIN ???NAARFF
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    Brother MOJO-
    Loks like you make your move this week . Best of luck .You'll find out alot about LeBlanc as Giesen is a smart wrestler -shame Duke's schedule is so bad -Must hurt to have to lose Barone .Russ
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    I can't take much more -my sister tried to commit suicide yesterday and when I got home Goph sent me this offer so I took it -I am so tired of the whining and crying and name calling -read the thread where I tried to trade you my guys .
    I am breakable and near there now . I never meant to cause any trouble .russ
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    Brother -
    You want that trade ?
  7. Mojo plz answer my pm's
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    Brother mOJO-
    I take it you are not interested in the trade offer -that's ok as I would have been giving up the new 10th ranked 141 and left me with an unranked one -Starks will win enough matches -but what are you going to do about 141 -As you know I have been helping in the other league and there are few of the top 25 left .
    If you need help at 125 ,133 ,141 or 184 I have a back up at each weight -at 184 Thomesitt from Pitt almost beat Honeycutt last week , ranked 17th .And I might need to get Riley off you as I matched Starks and Orozco's schedule it was almost perfect -Starks is still ranked 1 in the EIWA as Simaz has never beat him -Simaz ,IMO, is over rated .had a fft a win and 2med defaults to win the EIWA and then he lost to everyone any good -just had a lucky draw .
    If Parks moves up-and that is almost certain - let me know if you need me .Russ
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    As of now , I have Banano as my #1 125 until Angel shows up to some meets -he missed all minor tournaments -the CK and the Midlands last year -so you see the reason for my skepticism when someone tells me he's 100% when a month ago on Flo he said himself he was about 80%.
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    I have a really good back up 25 but I need to see how healthy Esco is first -Banono was 30-15 as a freshman last year -I don't really need Riley but if Angel is healthy I will look out for you .Russ
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    IU means nothing to me -I had an inside source and last time I called down there a manager laughed at me and hung up-in fact I am trying to unload all my Iu guys . That would leave a big hole in my line up-if I can lose Lee for a 125 is it a deal ?
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    Brother MOJO ,
    I have #7 Lee at 174 and I really wanted Chris Henrich -any one you want for him ? Lee is pretty much a lock to win the pac 10 .Let me know .
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    Please do me a favor as this is driving me crazy -go to Div1 and look at 157 . There is a picture of Burroughs and O'Conner -Burroughs is trying to pick up a single and JP has his foot pressing on the outside of Burroughs knee -I was always coached to use that foot to hook the knee in case of a standing switch -I know this is stupid but driving me crazy -do I need to call every kid I coached and tell them that I was wrong ? I ask you because your actual wrestling expertise is the only one I respect on the board .
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    Brother MOJO,I came close to taking Robles in the second round over Esco but ASU has a kidnamed Ashmore who is a stud and has beaten Robles in a tournament before as teammates -Ashmore beat Robles and talk is he will force Robles to 133 .
    If you go to Div 1 wrestling look at Robles 21st match -or so- and you will see where Ashmore beat him .
    Just trying to cover your back for you . Russ
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    Brother MOJO,
    As you may or may not know -Tom Zupancic used to be the Colt's strength coach and now does color commentary here in Indiana -he has lost around 60 lbs and looks great -nearly shredded . I suffer from the big boy curse of getting rounder every year -I'm thinking of giving Tom a call and see what the deal is -he kept the muscle mass -just lost all that fat -and that fat found me hiding in a corner .Russ
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    Yo Mojo, don't know if you saw the pm but if you could check in and let me know whether or not you're keeping one of your 3 eligible champs this year I'd appreciate it.

    Sooner I know, sooner you guys will have a draft order and can start strategizing.
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    Brother MOJO.
    I would like to thank you for your endorsement to JensenS-looks like I'll be in the BIG BOY leagues this year , thanks to you and LoSt 's recommendations .
    Thanks a lot and good luck fighting for 2nd place . Russ
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    I understand your firemans carry, I find it to be very effective, but on the other hand... only if your able to really penetrate it really well you know... if it fails, your on both your knees, which I find a bit risky.

    Thanks for the reply by the way!
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    Thanks, yes Ive noticed that cutting the corner is really important. I used to change off to double from behind, or just just running the pipe... but as Im wrestling heavier now, I ussualy just try to get the leg high under my armpit and go for the basic treetop or headpull... because trying to finish with a double or dumping often just made me stuck under the guy... maybe if I was stronger or faster, I would be able to finish with those, because I would penetrate better, or be stronger at finishing it... but ussualy the guy is just able to hold balance for a longer time, and then pushes off, or Im not able to get close enough in the first place... trying to get the leg up high just feels more high %, what d
    I know that I dont wanna get trapped, so ussualy when I go for a high single... I dont go to my knees.
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    Hi, could I ask for a little explanation concerning takedowns? Ive kinda figured that I dont want to drop to my knees or really shoot in for doubles. However Im not really sure about this...

    While a high crotch is really hard to get, atleast it will score takedown... single on the other hand, will often get wizzered and crossfaced... when I was lighter, I was able to finish the scramble on knees... but if I get stuck under a wizzer and crossface from a heavyweight... I just switch to an underhook, circle and standup, Im not really able to finish the shot.

    One is hard to get, other hard to finish. Which would you say, is more effective for heavyweights that arent as fast and quick on their feet as the really good ones, just normal heavyweights? I mean like... if you were to shoot for one, which would you choose? (you probably wouldnt shoot, but if you had to choose ).
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Former wrestler, coach and now wrestling Dad
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Philadelphia, PA
Wrestling, Judo, Art, Fine food & wine
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SF.State & UPenn
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Arm Throw, Headlock, Firemans Carry
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