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  1. I remembered that as soon as I pushed the message button......but you knwo what I mean! Ok, off to see the Wizard; have a good weekend with the computer!
  2. Zapps avatar is my facebook picture lol
  3. Sorry to hear that; but it is the right decision. I'm looking forward to matching the face iwth the name sometime.
  4. :P

    I wish I could go this year, couldnt afford to miss the school though
  5. Donahue goes down...........ya REALLY got me there little buddy.
    Have a great time at the NCAAS........I'm leaving in a few hours myself.

  6. Kissel for Dobies???? I think that Yohn can get me some points.
    Or, Dobies for Patacsicl and I'll just keep going with Ruschell.

  7. Ouch... well I feel your pain man, sounds like todd might be done as well.
  8. Herbst is gone for the season I'm afraid. Was having shoulder problems and had surgery about the first of December
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