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  1. Why do you feel the need to judge every trade you I have always said, its the body of work, not just any little trade along the way.
  2. Not... A... Chance.
  3. Sanderson and Miller for Lewnes and Brown?
  4. I already have your roster written down... Except I have giant X marks through Rader, Grajales, Galante, Ward, and Steele, as they are all injured, have lost their spot, or are sitting out

  5. 125 Gitomer #15
    125 Triggas #23
    133 Frey #10
    141 Rader (yes, you told me so)
    141 Washington UR
    149 Grajales
    149 Stabile #13
    157 Sanderson #4
    165 Galante
    174 Miller #1
    184 Askren #2
    184 Ward #21
    197 Beatty #7
    Hwt Zabriskie #2
    Hwt Steele
  6. 125: Matt McDonough
    133: Scotti Sentes
    141: Reece Humphrey
    141: Zach Bailey
    149: David Greenwald
    149: Garret Scott (Torsten Gillespie)
    157: Steve Brown
    157: Sean Nemec
    165: Dan Vallimont
    174: Mack Lewnes
    174: Nate Lee
    184: Pat Bradshaw
    197: Logan Brown
    HVY: Tucker Lane
    HVY: Mark Ellis
  7. Give me your updated team now so I can update my 'spreadsheet'.
  8. Is Starks injured do you know?
  9. Shit, nice week.
  10. Nice trade...solid for both of you.
  11. I think your antics still work with the 18 and under crowd, for the rest of us, we are entertained by them. We'll see.
  12. That is pretty laughable homerism. Gitomer will get pisspounded by Garnett.

    Grey should AA in a thinned out 133. You are turning down 2 AAs for one, and likely two conference champs for a potential 0 (since Ness is at best a 50/50 shot to win, while Esco is a clear favorite).

    Not to mention that of the two "studs" in the deal, esco is a returning NC who has dominated ness in their past two meetings. And Indiana wrestles a more fantasy friendly schedule to boot.

    But its ok, we all know you aren't very good at this fantasy stuff. You give it your best and that is all we can ask of you ^_-
  13. So I'm supposed to take a flake and a gimp for a three time high AA'er and a guy who rarely misses a start and had 12 more pins than Grey did last year? You are starting to sound like the amateur now instead of me. I don't need Triggas to win his conference because Gitomer is going to do it for me. Gitomer has a better chance of winning a conference than Esco or Grey.
  14. grey totally flaked out last year and still made R12, as well as beating then #1 Dennis. Triggas has massively underachieved and wont accomplish much of anything. Grey will win Eiwas without much trouble whereas Triggas will be lucky to take 4th at b10s.
  15. Let's see, Grey was 24-10 with 1 pin last year. Triggas was 20-13 with 13 pins. Ness and Escobedo are basically a wash. Esco has a bum shoulder. Like I said, I disagree with you assessment.
  16. Coming from you I will take that as a compliment. I disagree with your assessment btw.
  17. You are an idiot for turning down Esco/Grey for NEss/Triggas, FYI...
  18. Good point...
  19. It sucks... but what can I do? People get injured, or booted out of school. It happens. Little Gillespie is about as good of a backup as I can ask for.
  20. Garrett Scott..dude?
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