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    Your boy Feist is pinning his way through the field at Reno.
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    Aren't you the one who has been lamenting the loss of your stud for the last 2 weeks ? Hopefully Zapp will disregard but if he doesn't I'll have to do it as a matter of honor-I scowered and googled the net looking for some word and none was forthcoming on Todd's condition .Since no on e cares about wrestling but a select few they don't run injured reserve lists and odds and stuff -if Todd were a Basketball player they would damn near show his MRI on TV or put the results in the paper .
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    Herbst is gone for the season I'm afraid. Was having shoulder problems and had surgery about the first of December
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    you find anything out about Todd -Factual?-if you pick up Orozco he wrestles -although he might get beat twice this weekend -in the Reno and Southern scuffle so there are chances at points -plus with Chriswell still sick he is the #1 guy in the Pac-10 .
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    Are we sure Todd is done -he's been wrestling all year with a screwed up ACL-and the Michigan board isn't definitive yet -whether it's a full tear or a partial or just wrenched -hell , he finished the match and pinned the kid with a wristlock and pure animal strength . He doesn't wrestle for a month -break out the superglue !!!
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    Intermat's ratings suck-I prefer Div1-Imat has Orozco ranked 11th and he wrestled Reno-a dual wiyh Portland ? and Southern Scuffle -he's 10-2 and WTH-every else just sucks -might go with Fag from IU/Hofstra -look at what he did as a true freshman last year -won a number of pressure matches -I was so frigging bored today I tallied my score if I had taken all IU guys w/out Escobedo-451 points . Their schedule was so weak Ortega is 12-4-i didn't think he'd win 10 matches all year .Their 197 lber has 35 points and he is a red shirt freshman 184 lber -Powless.My 174 got stuck by Perry -thinking about shooting myself -dropped dickless today and wish I could drop Brennar -frigging cunt.
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    I used my last waiver to pick up Orozco from CalState Bakersfield -he's no todd but he wrestles in 2 tournaments this month still Reno and Southern scuffle-you might want to look at him in your suplemental as he has a chance to put up alot of points -whether he does or not ? He beat Brown from Purdue for 3rd at CK.
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    You sobered up yet , son ? Starting to worry about you -I don't remember my junior year at IU -alot of pussy and alot of alcohol-but that's what college is for -back in my days we could bareback it -WEAR a CONDOM -but fuck as many women as you can . Sage advice from an old man .
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    Man -I am super shitty -Div 1 wrestling -where I get most my info-has CMU slated to wrestle in the Penn State Open today -So I leave Howe out of the CK and put Stewart in the PSU thinking he'll get bonus points and now the fucker isn't even wrestling -DAMN-how can Div 1 print false info like that ? Bedtime !!
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    i'll be 51 Wednesday -never bothered with a wife -lived with a couple of women and it was just too much trouble -been sleepless since my surgery -this being ''disabled '' sucks Donkey -with the use of just one arm and nothing to do I may go on a tristate killing spree just to break the monotony -can't lift my rifle though...
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    I was so excited about the first 'scored'' tournament and Zapp doesn't count Bye points , carry over or place points -other than bonus for first or second -big deal-all that ecpectation and I only end up with 90 points -when I was coaching I used to love scoring tourneys and predicting outcomes -counting every thing as a dual sucks -plus no fft's . That's not a tournament -just a bunch of guys wrestling .
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    You were right Brennar sucks -got stuck by Perry from IU in :45 .I am screwed in fantasy if Todd's knee is blown -the Michigan chat site was talking ACL-WTF -I just like the sp[ort -to hell with fantasy wouldn't mean much if I could do anything but the surgeon said 6 more months before I try anything so I am literally dying from boredom .
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    Patascil is wrestling for third -how did he lose to Yates ? This tourney is a meat grinder -Jaggers 2-2? I wonder how badly Todd is hurt -how did Biondi get so good so quickly ? He's teching people who should -acording to rankings -beat the hell out of him .
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    who you laughing at sig bet loser ? Ptax goes to Purdue =sissy-you learn these things at IU -what's with the Weasley name -isn't he that obscure 197-84 lber from MSU ?
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    You lost a sig bet to someone from VaTech -snicker snicker-Jarequi is a bitch-got stuck then packed his shit and went home -I should have stuck with Walpole at beginning of the year -but Kinser was listed as varsity 49-Got Ruschell now -J won't wrestle for wawhile , if ever -I hollered at you on the text -herbp-but you ignored me -hurt my feelings you big bully.
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    I got Ruschell for Umbehauer and getting a 141 lber from Missouri for Chriswell -do you guys count fft's Zapp doesn't and stewart majored a kid and 3 of 4 sites said 10-2 was the final score but Zapp said he was going with the scoreboard he'd been going with 7 more points gone -if you include the 88 points from the tournaments they didn't count I'd be in 3rd instead of ninth . This weekend will let me know if I should even turn in a lineup card .I have 7 guys at CK 2 might win Todd and Massey -if the others place and I get bonus I'll be ok -sucks about Angel -I just had my shoulder replaced -that's why I have a computer -so mI can play chess and come to this forum .
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    Umberhauer's AD was nice enough to me-mail me and tell me that he is expected to return to the l;ine-up 12/20/2008. He didn;t say what he did but he was off the roster and everything .They FFT'd 2-3 matches -must have been pretty bad .We got a guy offering Metcalf up-I offered Chriswell and Umbehauer-offered him U for Jaggers -he has already traded Poeta and then Shlattner redshirted on him and he was screwed .I really want Reuschell-he majored Barnes the other night and he only beat Barnes by 2 points last year -alot of improvement there -some guys get to their senior year and go balls out and some -like Umb-say WTF-I can't win it all so why try .So far Graff, Wright , Mason,and Mangrum have redshirted on me -obviously I am not doing too well -tied for last -but just got 70 points last week-IU had their PUD tournament although Liberty had a coupla decent kids . Then Becker probably spent weeks preparing winston to beat Coughlin since he couldn't do it.
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    I just sent about a zillion word answer to you and the frigging machine ate it -mostly about how I am snake bit at 49 -Carawhatever from Edinboro quit , Baxter's coach keeps him at 57 , Mason apparently is RSing-was hoping Kurt would drop in but took Jarequi just in case -he sucks in my opinion -how is he rated so high ? If the loser moves up -Kinser or Coughlin -I'll have 3 good 65 's .Stewart , Howe and Coughlin /Kinser -I can't unload Chriswell's dead ass for anyone -none of these guys want to play Tycoon owner and wheel and deal like I do. Thanks for everything -I am down to my last supplemental pick so I'll have to wait and see what J can do for me .
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    the kid's available and he is second ranked in the CAA behind the big U -his schedule sucks -so I envision beacoup points -I don't turn line ups in til next sunday -I wish I'd known about this yesterday -last 2 weeks Chriswell got me ZERO points and we ran 2 weeks instead of one -this is my first fantasy and I thought if you wrestled you wrestled -I lost like 80 points to guys whose tournaments didn't count -what a crock !! Fxx it -I am going to pick him up before someone else does -Kaylen Baxter was going to be my sleeper at 149 and his coach -after finishing 2nd in a tourney that didn't count -has him wrestle 157 to toughen him up -my coach used to do that to me every other meet and I still hate him for it .Baxter won 38 matches last year and his schedule was nothing but I got -0- points from him-then JensenS told me to take Mason and I just dropped him for Jarequi-how is HE ranked at all ?
    Thanks man
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    OK sounds like you know your big boys -why has no one chosen Shelton ? He just majored the kid -Caponi-? from Virginia -my 184 is in the shitter until the 20th -Umbehauer -apparently screwed up somehow no one over here will trade for anything and I am running out of supplemantal picks -is he a worthy pick or should I wait on the Big U ?
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