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    I hope Halsey , his brother , mother and grand mother get in horrible car wrecks-Work my ass off to trade for the dick and then he doesn't wrestle -I hope Chriswell rips his head off -wish Orozco would have wrestled instead of that bitch -of the guys I wrestled at the Va and national duals I had 2 losses - but only scored 80+ points because their teams lost . excluding Hernandez -who I traded-my guys went 7-0 at VA and 15-2 at the nationals .
    This fantasy crap is going to make me start drinking .
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    Guess who's wrestling -or scheduled to wrestle -184 for Cal State Bakersfield tonight ?Yup-Riley Orozco-I don't know how the end of the season tournaments work but if he keeps his strength he could win the Pac-10.Or finish 2nd to Smith from Boise . Good to know he's just not dead weight .
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    Were the cancellations due to weather? That's pretty peculiar because none of mine were cancelled and I had teams wrestling all over the country.
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    I wonder if our 74 lbers will meet at the Va. Duals -Henrich /Miller ? See if Henrich can bounce back after his first loss . That 74 lber Trotman's worhtless ass didn't show at the scuffle or the Lonestar -Now that I have Henrich he may wel be trade bait .
    I so wanted to put Kinser in as my flex but he hasn't wrestled since Vegas -Goldman sucks .
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    couldn't resist setting up my calendar for next week. i got 3 going to national duals, 4going to virginia duals, 1 with four matches, one with two and two with one. I am not going to catch up to #1 or #2 but I could be in the top four by the end of january. should have about mid to high 60 for this week.
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    freaking rader, said he would be back after the first of the year, kid better win me nationals or this pick was NOT worth it...

    as far as Craig, I think I did start him but I don't recall. I either started both 149 lb'ers of both 184 lber's this week. if I didn't start Craig its because LeBlanc had more matches.
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    Do you know if Rader wrestled tonight at 141 or was it Johnston?

    Also do you know what happened at 184 between Craig (Lehigh) and the WVU wrestler? I don't think I started Craig this week but still curious as to what happened.
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    LoST-that trade I made to get Halsey -the guy has yet to draft him -i've notified Zapp of the trade and the guy has agreed and we've posted it -I just don't want to get kicked out of the league after I've scraped and clawed to put myself in contention -at 174 the guy backed out on me on my getting Heinrich-
    Should I stay with this trade cause I have aother guy who will draft a 97 lber for me -I was thinking of Jones instead of Halsey because he has 6 more matches -Need your advice my young friend -People think I'm nuts for keeping Stewart over Howe but if you look at it from a fantasy standpoint -Stewart got me 20 points in the Midlands -Howe would have got me 10. This no fft points and no placement points or advancement points suck -but I'll deal with it .
    REALLY-what should I do about this trade ? I want to keep my word but don't want to be left with my dick swinging in the wind either .

    PS-I sent the FITE scores to JS a week ago-Coughlin sucks -lost to a Harper CC kid .
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    Forgot to congratulate you on the record !! now let me pick your brain -I needed points so I got Trotman -well he won3 then med fft out at Reno-then skipped the scuffle -the Lonestars are pretty important but trotman was 184 last year and won 20+ as a true frosh -now he's at 74 and is 15-2-he's beaten Caruso ,Ibson and Giffen and should be a lock to win the SoCon -why doesn't anyone like Dergo from Ill.? If I have a chance to work a trade is he worth picking up ? I'm trying to get my hands on Heinrich and was wondering if you knew what the score was when he got stuck-it had to be tight as they were in OT-which would you choose ?Dergo or Heinrich-no way Dergo gets the bonus points for winning the big 10 but i think Heinrich can -I value your opinion as your tip about Patterson has helped me tremendously .Thanks and again CONGRATS.!!!
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    if would have started the IU team I'd have like 400 more points than my fantasy because they wrestle such pussies -their freshman 184 pounder has won 10 matches at 197 against guys I could have waddled onto the mat and beaten with my one good arm-I feel kinda bad for their 65 lber -Young-he's a hell of a wrestler and has won 1-20 matches against legit comp-but everyone thinks he's a wuss cause he wrestles for IU-their big coup in signing Ramos is over as he's asked to transfer to N.Ill.and that stud they have coming in from NY is thinking about opting out -I;ve managed to piss the whole state of Indiana off by saying that wrestling here is mid level at best -these clowns were argueing over the # of Hoosiers taking the podium and I said the only way they'd get to the podium was to steal the damn thing . I've taught and coached across the nation and these clowns are saying shit like -''if Ortega can get past Ness he'll win it''-
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    They -SHP-said goldman said Kinser was hurt -BS-I talked to Coughlins dad and the team is ready to mutiny because shithead won't let Kinser wrestle because he won't go 49. Coughlin 's head is so messed up he lost to a kid from Harper College -I think Kinser may transfer as he hasn't wrestled a dual yet this year -just tourneys .
    I hope Hernandez gets run over by a truck-IU's back up 141 placed 8th at the Midlands and asswipe went 0-2-I'm wrestling Mclemore the rest of the year . Andre is 1-4 in 2 tournaments . I might wrestle him in the hoosier duals where they wrestle the local junior high teams , maybe.
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    Through trades and luck my new line up is Precin , Dennis ,Mclemore ,Ruschell,Hall,Stewart,Trotman ,Patterson,Halsey and Massey -scored 147 w/out a 157 or 174 lber as Trotman didn't show up and Kinser and Coughlin and goldman keep playing games -I have a dual with stewart and the Lone stars with Trotman if he shows up.
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    Halsey has matches on the 4th 9th and 10th . Just saw your line up and thought I'd let you know although Im sure you already do .
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    I read your blog and agree that Mason should be the 49 lber and that the Nabraska 33 pounder makes his living on his belly trying not to get turned -I wonder if he ever wrestles anyone ? I man hell, if Kubec can score 12 points against him , how is it Ness can score 9 ?
    Saw you picked up Halsey -normally I'd say it was a good move but when he stuck himself against that Portland State kid -Lemmon-I dunno-he acts like everything is a big joke out there -maybe it's California getting to him -the scorebook shows him winning but I watched it live and the fool took the kid down and tried some BS and stuck himself . How did you get your 174 lber ? Someone not real bright over on your side ?
    I gave up on Todd and got Dennis and Glasser for him -traded away all 74 and 84 pounders and going with Patterson and Trotman -3 man race at 174 and 2 man at 184 -Precin,Dennis , Ruschell,Kinser ,Stewart and Massey all seeded at Midlands with Trotman ,Patterson and Orozco at Scuffle.
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    Oh yeah -the reason I PM'ed you -why is Goldman sitting Kinser in every single dual meet ? He hasn't wrestled one -I know Goldman is an idiot but you don't think he's really going to wrestle Coughlin in the big 10s do you ? Just because Kinser won't kill himself and get down to 149 . I hate IU and am trying to trade Kinser and Hernandez as I type .
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    Man I wish I'd never met the Coughlin family -their kid has gone from an AA to an embarassment -he lost the Cleveland State Open finals to a reserve freshman and then he lost to a kid from EMU who was 7-6 last year
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    Dude, your team is now officially stacked...if Todd comes back you are going to be tough to overtake unless it just comes from you got Stiffy to give you Jordan I will never know, that pretty well sealed it in regards to you making top four...

    I gave him a hard time and he admitted it was pretty stupid...I told him next time he makes a trade to PM each guy individually and see what the best offer is that he can get.
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    thanks that does clear it up a if a guy does good in like the cliff keen or midlands or reno tournaments those dont matter...i kinda thought those were qualifiers
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    I think I am finally ready to throw in the towel-the guy who won Reno is CalstateBakersfield's 197 lber -he just isn't the 197 lber I have from CSB-Does JensenS count Med For points in a tournament ? Zapp doesn't count fft s but he surely has to count med for s as something -the guy didn't miracle himself through a round -if Halsey takes over I am through -no points at all from 197 and no one worth trading for -Halsey took 1st and Orozco 3rd . Kubec beat a tough kid from Buffalo Smith 16-2 -and then lost 9-7 to Dillashaw then went home . The CSB 141 lber wrestled 8 matches to get 3rd .
    I unloaded Brenner for Mclemore at 141 -I figure if he can stick Fanthorpe last year he can do it this year -or was it Gallick ? Anyway he's the defending MAC champ at 141 so he and Andre will wrestle in the Midlands .
    The only champion I've had at a tournament was Kinser and it didn't count because I listed him at 149. Maybe Precin can come through for me at Midlands -he and Mclemore and Massey.
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    im a avid wrestling fan who has never wrestled a matchin my life. i wandered into a gym about 25 years ago and watched a high school match and was curious as to how one qualifies for the national tournament in d 1.....could you help me out
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