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    I agree with the post you made about not going out for the team -when I was at IU I was on an academic ride -I did not have time for 2 a days and our morning 5 a.m. runs . I was a walk on -saw that I was cannon fodder in the big 10 and needed my academic ride -also the intramural program was as tough as the team -under Blubaugh we finished 9th every year in the big 10-the intramural team had over 50 state champions from across the nation competing -they were tough but not Big 10 tough -I did manage to beat the 177 lber one wrestle off but they still let him wrestle in the dual-so I said fuck you very much and cut out .
    Wrestling has been an important part of my life -but not my whole life .
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    Too late on Krom for LeBlanc or Moley.
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    I was going to try the big 10 fantasy but just paid my rent and ate at McDonalds so i have like $30 for the month -when I said I would soon be homeless I was not joking . I know a few guys on IU's and Purdue's team but none worth drafting -Young as a sleeper and Pax you are familiar with -everhart might surprise some people -Kinser is not big enough for 57 yet and Powless is 4-4 by divine intervention -sorry but my disabilty check barely pays my rent .
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    Filip is going to upset some people -he looked really good -for being a devout mormon Hoch is a mean SOB-he goes at people's knees like he was meant to tear them to shreds -if he opens up and wrestles hard for the whole match he has a great chance to win it all-the NCAA needs to rethink that true second crap-even in freestyle there is an hour rest period -or used to be -to make Hall -#6 in the nation and Halsey #7-have to wrestle an extra match 20 minutes after going 2ot and ot is just REALLY tough and stupid -back in the old days they did not have ot -they had referee's decisions -i lost 12-12 and the criteria was in my favor but they raised the other guys hand then my coach told me I had to wrestle the guy I had beaten earlier in 20 minutes -I was so tired I couldn't raise my arms but I channeled all my hate into one mean ass Lateral drop and stuck the kid -if we had gotten out of the first I was doomed.
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    The heavy who won from somewhere against Boise state had a 60 inch waist -Swear to god -he was so fat he couldn't drop for a shot he just knee snatched and then tackled the kid -I'd say it was a lot like watching a fair high school tourney -Zoetaway at 125 may make the tourney but he doesn't AA and neither does Robles -Lee barely got by some unknown 8-7 -just bad wrestling .Bressler lost to a 13-13 guy .
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    that was Chriswell's first maych of the year and it was beautiful-had the ref's been in position Herbst was stuck -when Dallas fought to his feet he was immediately taken down with a fireman's that was text book -when i made that big trade I kept that in mind as only a horse is going to beat Varner and Halsey fits that description-his brother was coaching him -the other coach has given up-Chriswell is a great technician -Otambo beat feist -I don't know how Hall did -Smith had some trouble ...
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    Hall/Poeta ?chriswell/Todd/Herbst -Smith/Herbert -oh -I said 7th place -Hall/Saf-Chriswell and Smith would win easily -my point was the Pac 10 is lame .
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    133 isn't too bad -Kubec is seeded 6th -49-there is Barnes and Chamberlain -57 Pami and Hall-97 Halsey and chriswell-just a horrible conference -Boise state wins by 100 points...the 141 from CSB is bad and he has 29 wins -and he really sucks -you take the champs from the pac 10 and wrestle them against the third place big 10 and it is a shut out for the big 10.
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    Do you think Filip Novacekk dropping down to 33 will make a difference ?-he was seeded 4th and will meet Hoch in the semis-he was decent at 41 ...
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    I traded Todd and Kubek for glasser and Todd -he really thought he was getting over -then i traded glasser and someone for Hall and then....I went from 10th to 3rd . I now have 2 potential champions Nickerson and Metcalf and several AA's .
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    Remember the post where Zapp said he didn't have his wrestlers handed to him ? he got Tod from me for glasser and then2nd string Dennis-i then used Glasser to get Hall and then Dennis started winning ...Precin ,Dennis and Todd were mine -he got them via trades .
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    Great job picking up Precin -pricey, but nothing you can't afford -Precin was my 125 for the first two months and got mad bonus for a 125 . Man , pick up Radar before you get Hernandez -the IU guys give off negative vibes -your trade will go through no questions asked .
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    I am really unsure of whom to wrestle as my flex . If everyone wins their conferences I might be able to win the regular season -Do you think Brown from ODU would be a better choice than Honeycutt ? Honeycutt has beaten everyone in his conference as has Brown but since his injury honeycutt has had one major out of 10 matches .Plus Brown should get an extra match but Brown is scarey .
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    LOSt , need your advice amigo-not worried about the playoffs as I thnk I have worked my way up to 3rd -last week I scored 60 points + the points Cleveland will get me monday against VMI-at least 4 -the least points i've scored in a month I went 16-2 .Anyway
    125 Nickerson 133 Baker 141 Cleveland 149 Barnes 157 Poeta 165 Stewart 174 Henrich 184 Caputo 197 Herbst HWT Wise -should I flex Honeycutt or Brown feom ODU or say what the hell and wrestle Kennedy at 133 in the meat grinder ?
    I believe after the trade for nickerson I can make a run at the whole shebang -i've been trying to help accboy make the final 6 so I gave him my 2 125's for Nickerson and had him draft Krom and Bebee and had him lose Caramncia -he came out on fire but no one from NC state will do much -other than dC because of the turmoil-i felt like a traitor trading Josh but they offered me 2 AA's for him .
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    Kissel for Dobies???? I think that Yohn can get me some points.
    Or, Dobies for Patacsicl and I'll just keep going with Ruschell.

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    It's a trade said you were looking for a 25 pounder?
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    Bad shoulder Esco for bad wheel Todd?
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    I never once said LeBlanc wasn't any good -he just is NOT the 7th best 184 lber in the nation . I can't believe someone gave me 2 AA's for Josh -especially at the end of the year . Capputo and Baker -Baker alone is worth it if he wins that 14 team conference tourney. I'm going to wrestle Caputo in the same tournament -Craig beat him 3-2 last time -don't see it happening again -I'm pissed -I went 23 -0 this week and only scored 86 points . Poeta made 2 good wrestlers nearly cry yet only scored 6 points - 9-3 and 10-4 .
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    I agree but not alot I can do about it -he was in the line up and just didn't take the mat -no warning -nothing -the coach should put his foot up his ass . I am just the messenger here .
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    Caldwell was listed to go out there and then just walked away -go to Div 1 look under links and get Virginia tech -live states -he just refused to wrestle -as did Darrius Little and everyone on the team lost .carmancia lost to diaz and no other match was close .
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