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    Well... not necessarily. While he's obviously performed exceedingly well for his age, I've felt like Logan has faded late in the Sr level freestyle tournaments he's entered. So I think without a redshirt, Stieber will probably be a bit beat up at the end of the season. Taylor, on the other hand, has had a year to acclimate to college, and also has any easier weight to win in my opinion. Precin and McDonough will be tough. I guess I'm hesitant to call it for Logan at this point because he hasn't actually wrestled a college match.

    But mostly, I predicted Taylor a while ago--before Logan first competed at the US Open. If I predict too many guys to win 4 titles, my chances of being right get slim. But if I just do one and then get it right, I can retire on top batting 1.000
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    I'm trying to pick BP's brain. I asked your question in an E-mail to him.

    He's written already on that he thinks Taylor is "wedded" to Cael.
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    BT has been doing some posting on Justin Kerr's site,, after a long hiatus (first I've seen him since his site went down). He had some kind of problem with Dan Cosimi, which he used to rag about on his site. Dan Cosimi along with Dan Ransick, run where some really good posting goes on. I post on both.
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    BTW-that was interesting having Brands and Martin of ODU (formerly Great Bridge) in the gym together. And yes, they had "words" for each other in the rough and tumble of the Iowa-ODU match.

    I actually broke the pin story on here in a thread started by jensen dedicated to those duals. I hadn't checked themat, but assumed it was on there already. I opened Jensen's thread and casually noted the Perry match and put an oh-by-the-way Metcalf was spladdled and pinned by Caldwell. The first responder was Bambam who asked a two word question "say what?".

    I realized I hadn't broken the story correctly, having forgotten BillyTickets' lessons on breaking stories. I was supposed to start a thread of it's own for it in big letters and failed to do that. When I checked themat, there was nothing there yet either. That all changed but it took a good 6 to 7 hours after it happened. Pretty slow for the internet.
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    Sorry for the delayed response, Ken. I had forgotten. Things have been hectic. What a difference a weekend makes, as Caldwell proves the pin wasn't necessarily a fluke. Yes I was in the gym for that and Perry's meltdown. Metcalf had been hitting his fireman's (that's what we called it back in the day) all day, but seems to get much more tentative in the opening half of the first period against Caldwell. When he finally attempted a shot, Caldwell did a Wade Shalles on him going right into the standing spladdle. I had a bad angle on it, and Brands certainly protested. I went across to the other side of the gym, where Bob Preusse and Tony Armelli (state level ref) were comparing notes and they said that Metcalf was definitely pinned.

    TWT has smacked my hand telling me that my message is too long so I'm splitting it.
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    Sorry Ken, didn't see your request right away.
    Baum's page has it. Padua won, with Kilroy and Fickle champs, and 4 others getting out.
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    Yes sir. And your avatar is the best.
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    I am on TWT's board and you mentioned DC not geting better because of lack of competition in the room -he has Carmancia at 41 who is /was ranked as high as 11th and Hamrah @157 is ranked 17th at 157 -I have spoken with Stardust about this and SD has implied DC may be his own worse enemy -his constant bickering with the coach and his grades may well end his carrer pre-maturely .
    I see below that you are in contact with SD-SD told me this in private and had I not seen SD below I would not mention it -but some great athletes make others around them worse , not better . JMO.
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    oh yeah, that's a good one!!
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    A combination of excellent posters & internet marketing.
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    Thanks. Went to my moms house for one of those family gathering things.
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    I actually answered that as best I could in the Eds wrestle-off thread in the high school section. OHSAA rules, as written, are not always easy to follow, but that one seems clear enough.

    Do you know Jerry Knapp from Olmsted Falls by chance? His dad does most of my car repairs.
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    The Ironman has Kilroy at 160 along with Walters. Kyle Ryan is entered, unseeded, for SPG and should be a load for whatever seeded wrestlers he faces. Those are the major division 2 players entered and should be the guys at the top of the 160 div 2 podium in March.

    Kyle Lang is the top seed with Zach Toal and Zac Goins in there also. I really like Goins and am labelling him a super sleeper here from the 6 seed.
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    Crest whitestrips are about as good as you can get OTC. You need to go to a dentist to get something stronger. The one visit whitening treatment works, but it often leaves your teeth very sensitive. I recommend the system where you get custom made trays to put the bleach in and wear at home. You usually get pretty good results with a week or two of one hour a day applications.
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    Using final season rankings from Ohiowrestlingsite the returning wrestlers in div2 160 are
    2. James Mannier, SPG
    6. Kilroy
    10. Adam Walters, West Geuaga

    It seems Mannier is being projected for 171, which would put Kyle Ryan, 2 time JH state champ, into the lineup for SPG.

    If Kilroy goes 171 he would battle Nick Mills in addition to Mannier. Walter could go 171 I think.

    All wrestlers mentioned will be in the Ironman.
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    The sites I check out are 1., 2., and 3.

    1. On the main page you see a "rankings" tab which gives his (Justin's) in depth look by division.
    2. One this main page, hitting the ranking tab offers ALL of the Brakeman reports (I believe). I think Dan has done a Brakeman style report himself. If I'm right it would be in the actual thread archives.
    3. I think Josh (Bucksman) ties in his lists to wrestling411.

    The thing is, any lists rate to come out in January, though preliminary lists might be seen mid-December, once wrestlers get on the mat and weights become known.

    A current topic on Yappi is top ten overall Ohio wrestlers regardless of weight or division, but I imagine you are looking for something a little broader.
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    974JeffDurkin Parma,OH3:12:57....pace7:22

    Good job!
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    Great man. My best was 3:11 at Columbus. I had to go under 3 to qualify back then. (circa 1990) I would come watch, but I am busy tomorrow.
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    Wow dude. Going at the running thing pretty serious. First Cleveland, now Columbus. Be careful and have a great race. What's your goal finish time?
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