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  1. JP fan , Thanks for the input and taking the time to do so-not many would . You have my heartfelt thanks .
    Everyone has wrestled Herbert differently with the same results -I was hoping Caputo could out think him and lull him into a set up . Get up a few points and stall him out -let me rephrase that-then proceed to set the tempo of the match at a very low speed .
    Thanks again .
  2. I think he could AA again this year. He is a great wrestler and has tremendous work ethic. He seems to come up short at time's when he loses concentration, (like when he was taken down by Kerber in the last period). He could beat anybody on any given day. Last year at the Championships, (In the corridor during a competition with coaches and other wrestlers from Harvard) he did 14 dead man walking sets without ever having done it before, so he'll never get gassed. Good luck.
  3. Sir .
    I am a member of TWT and have a fantasy team -I recently pulledoff a trade that cost me Patterson @184 and 2 others but brought me Metcalf and Caputo-No one seems to know much about Louis and I have googled him to death -I know he was an AA and had surgery -is he good enough to AA this year -I know he lost to Kerber today but that wasn't that surprising -I just don't like wrestling someone I know nothing about .
    Any insights ?
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